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Approximately 1,000 lions are being shot in canned hunts yearly in South Africa, 'Blood Lions'

This interview with Ian Michler’s regarding canned hunts of captive lions reveals the brutality in trophy hunting, a reality of big game hunts that are legal in SA. 154 more words

Trophy Hunts

Jill Fritz: Captive hunts increase CWD concerns

 Sounding the alarm against captive breeding farms used for canned hunts can spread fatal diseases.

Jill Fritz: Captive hunts increase CWD concerns Lansing state Journal  August 14, 2015… 508 more words

Canned Hunts

A Feature Film 'Blood Lions' Exposes Commercial Canned Hunts on Lions that are Raised for the Bullet

Blood Lions,  “A documentary feature film that blows the lid off claims made by the predator breeding and canned hunting industries.” Source

How can anyone call this hunting when it involves shooting a hand reared captive lion?   471 more words

Trophy Hunts

The Sport of the Kill, the Demise of Humanity

Cecil the Lion was killed earlier this month.  Killed might be a kind word.  What happened was he was lured out of his refuge by bait tied to the back of a truck.  559 more words

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Trendkill: Death of the Canned Hunt

There is an image of the American hunter many anti’s have. But it doesn’t have to be that way; because it’s an inaccurate image created mostly by hunting shows. 1,637 more words


National Geographic's Photos of the Year

by Olivia Smith

National Geographic announced their award for the year’s best wildlife photograph, seen above. It’s called “The Last Great Picture.” It isn’t called that because of photographer Michael Nichols’ ego. 261 more words

I Cried When I Read This

“Canned Hunts”.

Hmmm, what is this you ask? A new canned food perhaps?

Nope. It is the staged hunting and killing of various exotic species of animals,often hosted on South African reserves, where visitors pay a mint to bag something exotic — if you can call animals that were raised by humans specifically for the hunt exotic. 250 more words

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