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Spaghetti with Spinach-Avocado Sauce

I feel like this pasta was just really healthy! Spinach, avocado, beans…and it’s vegan! This dish was super easy…just boil the pasta and mix most of the other ingredients in a food processor. 130 more words


Farfalle with Bacon, Beans, and Cabbage

Let me be upfront with you– this is not a pretty dish. It’s beige and sloppy-looking and won’t win any beauty contests. It won’t amaze your tastebuds with new and exciting flavors, either. 574 more words


Cannellini Caprese Salad

This salad is a delicious, nutrient filled treat. Tomatoes are a great source of vitamin C, potassium, and the antioxidant lycopene. I found these adorable mini heirloom tomatoes at Trader Joe’s. 218 more words


First soup: perfect minestrone

I haven’t posted for a while, for  couple of reasons – firstly, I’ve been madly busy but, secondly and most importantly, it’s been so unseasonably, ridiculously hot over the past month, with a record-breaking run of temperatures over 26°C for weeks on end. 608 more words


White Beans in Tomato Sauce with Sausage

Not much to this one, I opened two cans of cannellini beans and a can of San Marzano tomatoes and dumped them into a pot in which I had browned some Italian sausages and sweated a diced onion in a little olive oil.   84 more words


White Bean and Kale Soup- a Clean Eats recipe

I am among the hundreds of thousands of people worldwide who have experienced the incredible life-enhancing  benefits of the Clean Program designed Dr. Alejandro Junger. This  267 more words