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Lemony White Bean-and-Arugula Salad

This was a great little side dish and comes together in no time! Husband and I really liked this, my 9 year old liked the onions (!), and my 6 year old liked the beans. 103 more words


Spicy Chicken & Beans

I recently got a challenge from some of my friends to make a recipe using chicken and beans and this is the very tasty result. I’ve added a few more ingredients but they are things you will easily find in your cupboards at home. 250 more words


A Catalogue of Pulses V: Cannellini beans

So, cannellini causa est nescire, what what? I refer, of course, to none other than Seneca the Younger. The teacher of the young Nero, Seneca was one of the most important members of the emperor Nero’s team, at least until Nero stopped trusting him and had him imprisoned and forced to commit suicide, anyway. 724 more words


Cannellini-cashew nozzarella

I know I won’t be alone in confessing that when I first became vegan, I worried about giving up pizza. Many a time it was that I complained to my mother that, although I could make pizza without cheese, to me it would never truly be ‘pizza’. 513 more words


Yam & Cannellini bean burger

I am a veggie burger addict. Anytime I find myself in a restaurant with a veggie burger option I will rarely take other menu items into consideration. 235 more words

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Saturn Peaches, Beet Greens & Corn Pasta

I don’t usually buy Saturn peaches because they’re more expensive than “normal” peaches, but they were on sale this week, making them the cheapest option! Yay! 307 more words

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