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week twenty-five - chili à la snukandinski

waaaheeeey, summer is here at last! welcome, welcome, oh hot love of mine. not only summer is here, but i am, too. i being gioia and here being switzerland. 397 more words


Sausage Bowls

It’s been rainy and muggy here the last week.  Who wants to cook when the temperatures reach 90 degrees and the air is humid and damp?  247 more words


Cannellini Bruschetta

I don’t know about you, but sometimes when you’re trying out new recipes, you buy ingredients that then just lie around in your cupboard. There has been a can of cannellini beans taking up valuable space for the past couple of months (cupboard spaces becomes very important when you’re living in a house share with four other girls and only one cupboard each). 233 more words


Super Quick Supper - Kale & Cannellini Bean Pasta

A little can’o’cannellini beans had been sat in my cupboard for quite the time and I’d been struggling to find the inspiration to make him into something delicious. 302 more words


26th May 2014: Parsley soup, with confit orange

A soup to welcome summer. To keep the vivid green of the parsley, the leaves need to be quickly refreshed under cold water after having been blanched, and again after the soup has been cooked (pour it over freezer blocks to make sure it cools down very quickly). 180 more words

Cannellini beans: italian white beans

The bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L., 1758) is a plant of the legume family native to Central America. The cannellini beans are a variety typical of Tuscany, are presented with an elongated shape and a shiny white. 49 more words