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Vegan Baked Cannelloni

When I first saw a cannelloni my first thought was that it looked fun to eat. And that is exactly the only thing I can come up with which would be different to pasta or lasagna. 400 more words


dinner with my favorite hungarians

It was just recently Lőrinc’s birthday, and since I would be away when they were celebrating, they invited me over for dinner. It was just after Valentine’s day, so I brought Klári and Lőrinc flowers as a thank you. 173 more words

Cannelloni with tofu ricotta and spinach.

Monday dinners have become synonymous to swift solutions in our household. Since the after-school time period on that particular weekday is filled with the occasional quick library visit with the children and, after that, their weekly swimming class (this combo is only possible because the library is next door to the sports facilities), I always make sure that I have something at hand that can either be quickly prepared on the spot, like this… 576 more words


Fine dining for the zombie apocalypse

I’m no survivalist, but I like to think that when the zombie apocalypse finally arrives – or, say, someone finds a single-syllable way to explain Manifest Destiny and our borders are overrun – that we’ll at least eat really well for a couple of days before being eaten ourselves. 810 more words

squash, courgette + ricotta cannelloni 

I was really looking forward to experimenting with this perfect Friday supper. I expected it to be easy, fairly quick but special enough to kick off the weekend! 304 more words

Healthy Family Food


Rich tomatoes and creamy cheese star in this dish – you’ll be begging for second helpings!

Preparation Time: Long



Helen's Home Cooking

I am going to be printing a weekly recipe starting over the next couple of weeks on the 15th of February giving you hopefully enough time to purchase the needed stock purchases. 215 more words