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Review: The Square.

The movie begins with a famous museum curator being interviewed by an American journalist, played by Elisabeth Moss. She asks him a question about a quote on his website, to which he replies along the lines of: “If I display your handbag and call it art, will it, indeed, be art?” This scene achieves two things: it right away places us in the journalist’s shoes, because most of us find Dadaism’s idea of art a bit confusing, to say the least; it also signals at the movie’s ambiguous attitude towards answers. 675 more words

Hikari/ Radiance (Japan, 2017)

Sandro Forte for Cinetalk.net

In Radiance, a young woman named Misako (Ayame Misaki) is working for a firm providing audio descriptions of films for the visually impaired. 235 more words

Contemporary Cinema

Netflix Reportedly Wants To Buy Its Own Movie Theaters

Netflix’s continued movement into various aspects of the entertainment industry has become a massive topic of conversation over the course of the last number of years as the streaming giant has continuously upended the traditional theater-going experience. 379 more words

Talkies Network

Featured Female Filmmakers - Part 7

Not only are there a lot of men directors in our industry, but there are a lot of men directors over the age of 50. White men over 50 are dictating the kind of stories we see on our cinema screens but there is a plethora of young and diverse storytellers that need to be heard in order to better reflect society as a whole. 1,079 more words


The Ooh-La-La Factor in the French Riviera

Known for its vivid blue waters and extensive shoreline, the Cote d’Azur region (a.k.a the French Riviera) in the southeast corner of France is one of the world’s first modern resort areas. 635 more words

Big Cities On My Bucket List

Lars von Trier returns to Cannes Film Festival 7 years after Hitler joke

Lars von Trier will return to Cannes Film Festival in 2018 with The House That Jack Built, seven years after being barred for Hitler joke. 334 more words


Cannes film festival 2018 - Official selection

The 71st edition of Cannes film festival is fast approaching. The official selection was announced earlier on today. Keep reading to see what will be screening at this year’s festival, running 8th-19th May. 370 more words