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Watch Christian Siriano Present Project Runway Contestants With 'Dream Dress' Design Challenge

On Thursday’s episode of Project Runway, the contestants are presented with the challenge of designing dream dresses for a group of real women who help “run New York City.” 879 more words


Bone Tomahawk (2015)

Westerns don’t get a lot of love these days, and weird westerns, which combine elements of fantasy, science fiction, or horror with the western setting, have almost always been a rare thing in cinema. 735 more words


Guy Served His Friends Tacos Made From His Own Amputated Leg

Okay, so bear with me here. There’s this guy, who as-yet remains anonymous (probably for the best). He was knocked off his motorcycle so bad once he had to amputate his foot. 484 more words

“He is the devil. He is smoke.” HANNIBAL Season 2 Episode 05 "Mukōzuke" (Fuller, 2014)

At its core, cannibalism is about food, eating, the joy of taste. This episode therefore commences with a comparison of the meals of Hannibal, free, prosperous, creative… 703 more words


Longpig - The other kind of pork, the pork that speaks

connoisseurs say the meat tastes like pork and others say veal.  

While many say it is morally wrong and it’s against the law.

Others treat it as a another meal. 1,691 more words


What Would Fairy Tales Be Like If They Were Written By Demented Serial Killers?

Did you ever wonder what fairy tales would be like if they were written by demented serial killers? This is my interpretation of how a maniac would write the fairy tale known as the “Three Bears.” 175 more words

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Messiah of Evil (1973)

Some movies ooze style over substance. This movie is practically gushing with it. It’s the perfect representation of what was being done in 1970s horror: violent, shocking, twisted, nightmarish. 679 more words