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1.  Private Ryan International Car Thief  2. The Real Way To Cook Cabbage With a Flame Thrower  3. How To Scuttle Your Yacht From Any Remote Location  4. 57 more words


The Western world became supperior, due to Christianity and its Witchcraft. Jesus is/was a cannibal. True?

Christianity celebrates “eating the body of Christ” for a reason. He was eating children in past lifes. He not only ate the good ones who helped create our body features, he also ate the main creator, and the positive energies, to absorb their strength and abilities. 55 more words


Famous Suspected Cannibals in History

Famous suspected Cannibals …. from the upcoming Shark Fin Soup

“I never met man I didn’t like.” — Will Rodgers
Humorist and suspected cannibal

“I love children. 87 more words

A Florida Couple Was Murdered In Yet Another Bizarre 'Zombie' Killing

An unidentified husband and wife said to be in their late 40s or early 50s were killed in Martin Country, Florida, on Monday night in a gruesome attack in which the suspect was found eating the face of one of the victims when police arrived to the scene. 270 more words


Naked Is NOT The Best Disguise

…especially in heavy poison oak. Trust me on this.

The Doclopedia #1,248

The Alphabet: F is for…

Friendly Cove…a small community that is only friendly so that they can lure in tourists they can then eat! 184 more words

Jo'burg's Okapi shares synth classics

Boston-based label Cultures of Soul is releasing a South African compilation selected by DJ Okapi – Boogie Breakdown: South African Synth-Disco 1980-1984. Famous for his Afrosynth blog – which has highlighted numerous treasures from the country – this selection of his homeland’s music is out in September. 261 more words

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary’s Baby & Thyme

A Ballad of Bonny Auld Scotland — from Shark Fin Soup (coming  soon enough)

On this cold Galloway night, deep within the Beane clan’s seaside cave, it was not going to be all talk. 295 more words