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The Green Inferno

You know what the world needs? More cannibal movies. This mainstream return to this rarely spoken of sub-genre also heralded the return of infant terrible Eli Roth. 824 more words


Liberté, Équalité, Fraternité Über Alles... FRONTIERS Reviewed

DVD. Region 2. Optimum Home Entertainment. 18.

Since the days of Méliès, France has made a considerable contribution to genre cinema,  albeit one that is often glossed over in the standard Anglo-Saxon accounts. 776 more words

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Civil War Sweethearts and a Character Witness for a Cannibal

Once or twice a year, I like to share an earlier, memorable post.  This one is from my father’s unpublished memoirs regarding a bizarre family connection to America’s first convicted cannibal: 421 more words

A Wee Bit O' History

"Call Me. It's Mel" — from Shark Fin Soup

Art by Vitaliy Hagen

“And God Spoke to Moses” — Exodus 33:11

“Are you listening Moe? Stop looking at your tablets. Focus on the flame. Tell your people, I the almighty, will watch over them as long as they keep me entertained. 294 more words

Ancient Cannibals Didn’t Eat Just for the Calories, Study Suggests

Here’s some food for thought. How many calories would you get from consuming one whole human body? More than 125,000, according to a new study on human cannibalism that will either make you queasy or have you reaching for some fava beans and a… 918 more words

Daily News

Raw Is Pleasing To The Palate

When the anticipation is as high for a movie as mine was for Raw, disappointment is inevitable. I mean, when a THR article reports that paramedics needed to be called due to patrons passing out in the theatre at last year’s TIFF, the bar is set fairly high – unattainable, some would say. 600 more words


When Two Tribes Go To War... Calum Waddell's CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST Tome Reviewed

Cannibal Holocaust by Calum Waddell: Auteur. ISBN paperback: 978-1-911325-11-6 ISBN ebook: 978-1-911325-12-3

When I interviewed Ruggero Deodato in the ’90s I mentioned the obvious (to me) affinities between his 1980 films Cannibal Holocaust and House On The Edge Of The Park, only for him to pointedly dismiss any such parallels. 1,027 more words

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