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Summer days, driftin' away

But, oh, those summer tomatoes. I have long been in love with them. But this summer was the first I really tried (and succeeded!) to grow my own. 505 more words


The next best thing on your popcorn

So you just finished canning all those pretty tomatoes and you saved the skins just like I told you.  Now you have the neccessity to make tomato gold, aka tomato powder. 370 more words


"Sun-Dried" Tomatoes

Tomato season is finally here! The great thing about in-season fruits and vegetables is that they are simultaneously at their peak flavor and lowest price, making it a great time to stock up and dehydrate some for later! 238 more words


Homemade Rotel Tomatoes

I love canning my own food. First, it’s satisfying to say I can do it and to be able to make recipes from scratch, second, it’s healthier because I can cut down on the salt content and preservatives. 529 more words


Mama's Homemade Tomato Juice

Today was a bit of a sad day as I just pulled out all but one of my Russian ‘Black Krim’ tomato bushes.  They were 99% dead and finished fruiting :( We have enjoyed such a wonderful harvest from them and had no fruit fly problems at all when covering with the old stockings (will use this trick again. 176 more words



Summer came and went!!  How does that happen so quickly?  Does time seem to be speeding up for everyone??

I think time goes quickly when you are busy!  391 more words


Canning for the nervous beginner

I suppose it was inevitable that as naturally as fall follows summer, canning follows gardening. When you’re gardening, you quickly realize that a) gardening is a lot of hard, manual work, and b) it’s not that much more work to fill a few more pots and sow a few more rows while you’re busy grubbing on your hands and knees. 1,387 more words

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