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Canning Tomatoes from the Girl Gone Farm Garden!!

Getting everything you will need together is first. I use the large mixing bowl to put my peeled tomatoes in and the smaller ones for the skins and core. 543 more words

Canning Day: Canning Fresh Tomatoes

As far back as I can remember, my mom & grandma canned tomatoes.  In fact, I have very vivid memories of my mom having a huge piece of plywood set up on two saw horses under the car port with her tomatoes laid out to ripen the last little bit before she canned them. 712 more words

Tomato Jam - A New Condiment Must-Have

I take inspiration from many places for the foods I decide to cook. I read cookbooks like novels. I enjoy learning about the past and the cutting edge, differences in food based on culture, climate and economy. 795 more words

Thomas Leggate

Homemade Pasta Sauce

One freezer bag of sauce, which will be good for two meals of pasta, took 13 medium sized regular tomatoes (not Roma). Time needed to put up seven freezer bags, which equals 14 meals for us, took me just under 2 hours of time. 185 more words

Whole Food Living

September 2, 1932

Fri., 2    Morning devotions. A sunshiny day. I pick & process 10 cans of tomatoes. Helen gets the dinner. I make 2 blackberry pies. Also write & type a short article on the eclipse & the way we passed the afternoon. 19 more words


Food Preservation Goals August 22, 2017

When I first drafted my 2017 Food Preservation Goals I wanted to try some new things. Now that I am in the middle of canning season…well let’s just say I have modified my goals a bit. 164 more words

finding new ways ... Roasted Canned Tomatoes

So I’ve just returned from France, particularly the Southwest region, where I spent the better part of this summer and I’ve come back energized and filled with all kinds of ideas. 1,402 more words