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Feverish Forest

A creative interpretation of a foggy forest, in fact, a fairytale figment of the imagination….


Oh Deer!

You know when you’re having one of those days don’t you!

I recently headed out onto Cannock Chase – I’ve spent many years trying to photograph the Deer on the Chase and every time I head out with my telephoto I can never find them… 63 more words


There's no such thing as a gruffal-oh!!

Since Jack has been old enough to grasp anything in his tiny little paws he’s enjoyed a good book. Not necessarily the contents of the story but holding a book he has loved. 522 more words


Lone Tree

After I had prepared this picture it’s appearance stirred some memories.

Working in the dark room, I can remember that tinge of excitement as the door is closed. 291 more words


February Fog

Trees have an infinite range of forms and they’re what makes this planet such a gloriously humbling experience to live on. I don’t comprehend why anyone would want to go and live on Mars. 64 more words


Trees in Mist

Grey, misty winter days are just wonderful for photography, and walking through open woodland like this is a joy as ghostly trees appear out of the gloom and the landscape becomes layered in wonderful and subtle graduations of tone.



A tree.

Just a tree, on a foggy day.

I have no ruminations on such a tree. A tree, it’s foggy and it’s a cold February day. 6 more words