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Mill Creek Canyon

Its funny how life has a way of being beautifully random. Today after a long shift, my co-worker decided to have a bon-fire up Mill Creek Canyon. 110 more words


Stalking, Dreaming, and Then Throwing It All Away

“Red and Blue Raven” by Toltec artist Don Voss at RavenCircle.org)

One way to perceive things within the human perceptive framework is in terms of seeing energy emanating from the luminous “egg” of human awareness – as paraphrased from the mystic philosopher and Toltec shaman Carlos Castaneda: 297 more words


Sea of Thieves Weaponry

Sea of Thieves showcases some amazing battle mechanics and promises to be an truly captivating multiplayer game however one thing fans have been clamouring for is the knowledge of what weapons players will get to utilise within the Sea of Thieves universe. 884 more words

Friday Night Canon Fodder w/ DadtheGeek

Due to some technical difficulties, the show was split into 3 parts. Other than that, the show went off very well. Trey was able to stay under his career average for deaths per match (8). 73 more words


All the Swashbuckling info about Sea of Thieves


If you are looking for a game where you shine as an individual star and take out the story bit by bit, well this may not be the game for you. 889 more words