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What Car Would You Choose To Take On The Cannonball Run?

Also known as the Cannonball Baker Sea-To-Shining-Sea Memorial Trophy Dash, the 2813-mile NYC to L.A. Speed Race has inspired movies and books, stories Gargling Gas finds most appetising and inspirational. 1,100 more words

Old Skool

Cannonball Run

Deploy 5-10 Giants on the upper torces inside the base.

Alternatively, deploy one Giant for each Cannon as meatshields while you deploy Archers to take the Cannons out.

Loot: 1,000 Gold and 1,000 Elixir.

Single Player Campaign

The Fast and the Furious

Here’s not one but TWO Pontiac Fieros!

Dara and Karin will be racing them in this year’s Cannonball Run….

Sale Of The Century

Old movies that I find funny...

Abbott and Costello

The Ghost and Mr. Chicken

Cannonball Run… Captain Chaos

Herbie the Love Bug

Foul Play… Chevy Chase and Goldie Hawn

Airplane Movie Review - Need For Speed vs. 32 Hours and 7 Minutes

When you’re locked up in an airplane for close to 24 hours and can’t sleep, you tend to watch just about anything that looks even remotely interesting. 288 more words

Online Video

Photo - Day 8

Chewbacca in Sligo. Part of the Cannonball Ireland Supercar Run in aid of Make a Wish. A load more photos over on the Sligo Secrets Facebook page


Cannonball Run on harmonica: sounds of summer

Uncle Donald was beginning to show early stages of Alzheimers disease when I met him. I recognized some of the signs before others did. But I loved him so much immediately I couldn’t say anything to anyone they didn’t already know. 1,177 more words

Off-The-Grid Memoir