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Mackey-Bertog Family History: Merger of German & Irish Roots in Rockford

Anna Bertog’s parents, Heinrich and Julia, were proprietors of an inn in Germany. Fearful of the growing militarism as the 19th century gave way to the 20th, they wanted to get their children away from the volatile atmosphere spreading across Europe. 750 more words

Don't Rock the Boat

We’ve had a rocky past with canoes back in the day, so we decided to give it another shot! We went to canoe down Blackwater, explore the area, and see what Milton has to offer! 47 more words


Swamp and Moss

Northwoods swamp water courses through my veins. I love the smell of bog rot in the morning. At dawn, my nose peeks tentatively out of frost-coated sleeping bag, nestled into twenty-four inches of soft moss atop hard rock on the Canadian Shield. 60 more words

Canadian Waters

Exploring the wonders of the North. (But really what I mean is the immediate north of the US border)


Moby Goes to the Buffalo

Buffalo River. Big name, little steam. The Buffalo River begins at the junction of two big springs just 10 miles west of Yellowstone Park. At the put-in the river is barely wider than a canoe, but within a couple hundred yards it becomes a lovely little river. 1,275 more words


Green River Canoe Trip

By:  John D. Gipson

In mid-October Christine and I joined her parents for a canoe adventure down the Green River in Southern Utah. Putting in at Ruby Ranch, we paddled a total of 100 miles down to Spanish Bottom, just below the confluence with the Colorado River. 1,063 more words


Under Sail

Using a ground sheet as a sail to cross big open water. Approaching landfall, and with the sail furled, Ty helps pilot us towards a wilderness beach. 6 more words

Living In Step With Nature