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W2O Trip - Friends on the Road

Thankfully, most people see a solo cyclist and allow some breathing room. It’s good etiquette to be open and friendly, but in my experience people traveling alone aren’t doing it to spend all their time with strangers. 259 more words


Indisposable Memories

Kosciuszko National Park, Australia

April 2007

I usually think of myself as a child of the digital age. There are moments, though, when I think back and realise that I wasn’t always the digital native that I feel I ought to be. 438 more words


Hellbent, But Not Broken

The hallucinations started out small, subtle flickers of light at the edges of my vision. “Lightning!” I’d think, and then turn my head to see a cloudless sky. 6,851 more words


Canoeing in Hungary Part 4

Raising the Flag

1956 was the year of a famous water polo match. Players from Hungary and the Soviet Union fought in the pool resulting in… 406 more words


Canadian Odyssey – Epilogue

A man at the next table said, “Anyone taking the ferry to the mainland this morning is in for a rough ride.”

Not what I wanted to hear, but I’ve been there. 290 more words


day 39, thunder river to sand bar island

km 1398, july 30. 9m, N 67˚26 W 131˚13. 2:30pm-11:15pm.

journal excerpt:

oh my it’s beautyfull here. i had time to sit with my tea and look at the mountains this morning and it was just lovely. 294 more words