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In memoriam: Ricardo Porto

Ricardo Porto, Portuguese street photographer known for the porto street shooting blog, has recently passed away.

There is probably nobody on the Internet street photography¬†fraternity who hasn’t come across Ricardo’s work. 75 more words

Canon 1100D

Through the Looking Glass

Cardiff, back in July.

I have said before that I struggle with shooting through glass, and I maintain that it is a difficult thing to do. But when it works…

Canon 1100D


One of the best photos I took the last time I was in London – certainly Jenny’s favourite of the lot – was just outside this pub. 52 more words

Canon 1100D

Filtered colour

Every time I look at this photo it reminds me of films where the principal photography has been filtred green or blue, to give suggest a grim urban environment. 35 more words

Canon 1100D

Piggy back

Just a bit of horsing around. Soho, way too long ago.

Canon 1100D

Sitting on the fence

I am often accused of sitting on the fence, but these two were taking it way too literally.

Plus I got busted. Yet again.

Canon 1100D