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One of the best photos I took the last time I was in London – certainly Jenny’s favourite of the lot – was just outside this pub. 52 more words

Canon 1100D

Filtered colour

Every time I look at this photo it reminds me of films where the principal photography has been filtred green or blue, to give suggest a grim urban environment. 35 more words

Canon 1100D

Piggy back

Just a bit of horsing around. Soho, way too long ago.

Canon 1100D

Sitting on the fence

I am often accused of sitting on the fence, but these two were taking it way too literally.

Plus I got busted. Yet again.

Canon 1100D


I always struggle to achieve the right look in shots across the window. I am sure there are angles at which the reflection impacts less, but I am yet to understand how it all works. 9 more words

Canon 1100D

Busted! again

I’ve lost count of the number of shots I’ve taken in which the protagonist is looking straight down the barrel of my lens.

One more for my “a smoke and a text” series?

Canon 1100D