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Back in the Winter, during a tour of the sites of old coffee houses.

You might think it was sunset, but it was actually lunch time. 15 more words


A Member of the Paparazzi

Capturing True Emotion

It was five years ago today that I stumbled onto something that would change my life. I took a one day photography class in Chicago called ‘Capturing True Emotion.’ The two photographers who lead the seminar had great chemistry and later were married to each other. 126 more words


My Birding Diary - 3

A Further Journey

This is the third part of my Birding Blog. As part of this blog I am just trying to document all the different species of birds that I have managed to photograph in these years. 64 more words


A Plains High School

Plains High School In Plains, Georgia

Part of the fun of my single life was combining two loves while on the road. I would go off and see a sporting event, but also combine some sort of Presidential history into the trip. 527 more words


Which Way is the Statue?

Looking Back Through Your Work

This is a photo that I have liked for a while now, but something was always missing. I always thought that it had a feel of an older photograph. 433 more words


The 500px Global Photo Walk

On 26th September 2015 the 500px Global Photo Walk was organized in Chandigarh for the first time by NOTYi Photographers. The location of the walk was Sukhna Lake, Chandigarh. 42 more words


Getting Ready For The Super Bowl

Indianapolis Looking Great For the Super Bowl in 2012

Every year as the Super Bowl draws closer I think back to 2012 when Indiana was buzzing over hosting the Super Bowl. 294 more words