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Playing In The Grass

The Shot Behind You

I always talk about checking behind you during a sunset. The same rule applies to other forms of photography as well. While photographing the oldest playing softball last week I glanced behind me and saw the youngest being super cute in the grass. 187 more words


Dancing Shoes

Recital Weekend Is Here

Every year I spend a weekend away from the sporting world, and in the dancing world. This school year we had two recital weekends. 285 more words


Purdue Baseball Takes On Michigan

Purdue Battles The Rain And Michigan

Last night I was lucky enough to be at the Purdue baseball game against Michigan. It was a pretty darn good baseball game that mother nature decided to interrupt. 465 more words


A Morning Walk At The Celery Bog

Taking A Walk Around The Celery Bog

After making the heron photo earlier this week I was looking forward to heading back to the Celery Bog to see what I could find. 330 more words


Reddish Egret Jump in B&W

This white morph reddish egret was practicing his jumping skills at Galveston’s FeatherFest in April.  This was shot #11 out of a series of 16 photos that he was in the air. 43 more words


Watching A Blue Heron Get Breakfast

A Blue Heron Gets A Meal

I will be honest. When I stopped at the Celery Bog to make a picture it was going to be the mature bald eagle that was perched on top of a dead tree. 308 more words


West Lafayette Baseball Senior Day

Seeing West Lafayette Baseball Play One Last Time

Monday night I was waiting for softball to start for my oldest when I heard familiar names coming over the PA from Bob Friend Field. 217 more words