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A Quick Review of the Nikon D7000

The Nikon D7000 features plenty of upgrades from the older D90 that it replaces. Its design and some of the key features are compared with its closest rival the Canon 60D in this discussion.There are many advantages to the D7000 than meets the eye. 500 more words

Searching the Everyday

Sometimes you try to find something in the mundane, the things you sometimes see everyday — only sometimes of course, because when it’s constantly there and unchanging, you tend not to notice it.

25 May 2016


The Cutting Room Floor Revisited...

Day 211

I had other plans for my photo today, but I had multiple teeth extracted this morning and I’m in more pain than I anticipated so I’m going with the flow and modifying my original plan. 63 more words


Makeup Review | Tarte

During Mother’s Day, Tarte sent me an email saying they had a special deal for one day only. Of course, knowing me I can’t pass it up, but I told myself only to look. 743 more words


Growth is the only evidence of life...

Day 205

Due to a much needed root canal performed earlier today, I have decided to be brief with my post, and share just a few images of the family residing above our front porch light fixture.   79 more words