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TAIPEI | 好氏品牌研究室

Of all the cafes I have been to, anywhere, this is one of those I remember most vividly. It’s the kind of place that takes you away from reality temporarily. 89 more words



This late morning, I was on a comfortably-packed train, wondering if I should drop by the poke bowl shop to pick up lunch before heading for the office. 229 more words


TAIPEI | Green Bakery 綠帶純植物烘焙

Many firsts in life,
and Green Bakery is where I had my first vegan bakes. Yummy.


Birthdays and wishes

I am one of those people who remember birthdays without having to rely on social calendars too much. But I am also one of those people who rarely send a birthday card (and gift) in time. 126 more words

Film Photography

A life update.

When life gets so busy you are arranged around your activities, instead of the other way round – that’s how it has been the last couple of weeks. 213 more words


Second Roll of Expired Film

I had so much fun shooting my first roll of expired film so I had to try it again. Expired film is unpredictable, but it’s not enough to stop me from trying them. 257 more words

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