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Collared Kingfisher - Mangrove Specialty

Sundarban  National  Park  is  often  called  –   “Paradise  of  Kingfishers”.  12  species  of  Kingfishers  are  found  in  India,  out  of  which  10  are  found  in Sundarbans  alone. 307 more words


Harry Bates S2000

Up and coming Australian rally star Harry Bates took out the Toyota Corolla S2000 to a local forest in the ACT. I was asked to come along to  shoot some photos and videos to add to Harry’s already impressive sponsorship applications. 55 more words


Cryptic Brown-hawk Owl

Trekking with the main intention of wildlife photography throws up many surprises on the way. While on one hand going on an expedition away from the humdrum of civilization, we also have the option of getting few visual treats now and then. 461 more words


Still Life | Summer 2015

LG G4 Rated as the Best Camera Phone for Pictures @ Searchy.One Search

Description From Photographer if Any:

This summer was sooo hot!


By fabiog86

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Demon of the Grass- Grass Demon

Last year, as the monsoon was drawing to a close, I wanted to set out once again to take snaps. With the aim to take snaps of birds or butterflies, I went out one day, just with the hope that I must take some valuable snaps that day. 327 more words