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Spinning Top Seller

Grand Bazaar, Istanbul (March 2013).

This boy stayed in my mind long after the picture was taken. I wondered why he wasn’t in school, why it was a spinning top that he was trying to sell, and why he was doing it with so much fervour. 99 more words


So Much of You

I have so much of you in my smart phone.*
Fontana della Barcaccia, at the base of the Spanish Steps, Rome (March 2013).

* 33 more words


Six Weeks in Florida, Part 1, Snapshots

Below are a series of shots taken during our recent stay in Florida. They are images that spoke to me in ways the transcended the subject and evoked feelings of joy and wonder. 156 more words

Central Ohio Nature

A Dip in the Gulf of Oman

Two days ago I went on a day-trip to Fujairah for some snorkelling with my beat-up, half-functional Canon G11, for which I had a waterproof case. 172 more words


Evening glow

Sadly, as it turns out this is the last new photograph we will see from my trusty old Canon PowerShot G11. I sold the little all-in-one along with another older digital camera in order to upgrade to one more sophisticated compact. 22 more words