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The End of My Canon G12

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit Boyd Lake State Park in Colorado.

I got up at about 6 am to see the sunrise.  It looked like it might be a beautiful sunrise, so I walked down to the water with my trusted and beloved Canon G12 camera. 341 more words


My Best Travel Family Trip With My Best New Canon PowerShot G12

I went towards LA last week, from Ecuador regarding 10 a short time on family trips, I wished to obtain this cutting edge camera – Canon PowerShot G12 in my hands to feel it, but at Samy’s store at Fairfax blvd, they didn’t possess camera yet,I ordered one from Amazon, (cost?$600 plus fast shipping! 595 more words

A Small Achievement

After checking out my site stats I realized that on Monday I had posted five hundred posts, which I feel is some sort of achievement. 7 more words


Skoro cele ove nedelje, svako jutro magla se muvala među soliterima savskih blokova. Nekad tanka, češće gušća, ponekad ko testo gusta, može kocke magle da se seku, kule magle da se grade. 156 more words


Lisabonski okeanarijum

U međuvremenu, ja nastavljam Lisabonske priče, ovaj put najavljena priča o okeanarijumu.

Mnogo dobar trip. Nije džabe, ali vredi! Iskreno, ne čudi me da ga je… 398 more words