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Diameter Canon Lens Camera.co.id

Diameter Canon Lens Camera.co.id

Banyaknya tipe lensa dari Canon membuat banyak perbedaan pada Diameternya

Berikut adalah informasi Diameter dari sejumlah tipe lensa Canon

Dan tipe lainnya yang harus kamu ketahui, … 12 more words

Photographic Recollection

An audio-book calmed us, my wife and I, during a night drive north on Alberta’s highway 63. Moving past our Grassland pit stop, we turned left traveling northward to Fort McMurray. 366 more words

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At Home - Dad

It was a Pontiac, the car my father taught me to drive – an olive green, two-door Pontiac Parisienne built for 1969 yet available to Dad in the fall of 1968. 381 more words

Canon Camera

Granary, Alluding

I’m liking this image of the granary that resides perhaps halfway between Dixonville and Manning, Alberta. It is another go at perspective, work with an environmental condition (fog), light, colour and texture; and it’s about editing (finding the best presentation of the image in HDR format). 230 more words

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Miasma Cover

The return, a drive home in late October; fog hangs in the air for two hundred kilometres – from Peace River north to Keg River Cabins. 90 more words

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A Tower That Breathes

It’s been a wild 5 years, and the PNC Tower opened to great fanfare in Pittsburgh. While, I spent the weekend photographing the building with a photographer, I filmed the building as well. 24 more words

Canon 6D