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Broken aperture gear–EF 100mm F2,8 USM

This lens had a ERR99 problem – which, as we know, could be practically anything. Aperture didn’t worked. I disassembled it, and I observed that the back lens element has broken collars in the barrel, so it was not possible the moving during focusing. 187 more words

Canon Lens

Focus hunting – on Canon 17-55 F2,8 IS

On this lens I have never seen this before – but the symptom was absolutely the same like on the 17-85 lenses, so I decided to “refurbish” the USM motor. 113 more words

Canon Lens

Flatiron Dreamcatcher

This building is likely the only building in Edmonton in the Flatiron architectural style – triangular in shape with curved windows at its toe. One would find this building in the twentieth century and it would reflect Edmonton opulence. 325 more words

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Etched Glass.

Pretty cool etched glass at Worcester Cathedral…and a slightly closer view…

It has been a long day, nothing else to say.

Thanks for looking!


Golden Oldie.

I have posted this before, but I like it. So its back.

This blog is 4 years (ish) old, and up till now I have never reposted anything. 137 more words


B-Sides, Life and Form

This day had begun with intention – to consider the state of this wordpress blog and consider what’s next; what does it become? For the longest while this blog has been memory’s placeholder, a responding point for photographs created. 616 more words

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Merry Christmas!

Seasons greetings!

Hope everyone has a splendid day.


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