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After the long wait: Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II

SOME THINGS I WOULD LIKE TO TELL TO MY LOVELY FOLLOWERS: I reaaaaaaaally apologize for not posting new blog entries. To be honest, I lost love in blogging and I think that losing my gadgets (all thanks to those… thieves!) and being in law school would make me quit blogging or pursue a photography career, well, I think I should say I am BACK IN ACTION! 626 more words


Win a Film Camera! Photo Contest Feb 2015

Want to win a free camera? Well you’re in luck, because we’re giving one away. It’s a pretty damn great camera too, the Canon AE-1. 411 more words

35mm Film

A Finer Clarity

Adobe Photoshop CS6 has been platform for creating, or perhaps better stated, re-creating High Dynamic Range (HDR) images from RAW files that had been used with NiK Software’s HDR Efex Pro. 190 more words

Canon Camera

Photography's Rules & Rebellion

I have been listening to an interview with Parker Palmer and Courtney Martin, this morning. The interview is presented as a podcast by Krista Tippett in her ‘On Being’ podcast/broadcast and is entitled ‘The Inner Life of Rebellion.’ The extrapolation as it relates to photography is to consider how photography is an act of rebellion … likely such a question has been fodder for Susan Sontag in her book, ‘On Photography.’ Susan Sontag’s book and this ‘On Being’ podcast are both worth attention. 127 more words

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