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Canon Rebel T2i Vs Canon EOS 50D - Which DSLR to Buy

Have you been trying to decide about a digital SLR for personal use? It can get confusing, right?What about the difference between Canon’s newest rave, the Rebel T2i vs EOS 50D?Let’s start with price, just because that is a good starting place.Apples to apples – body only (no lens included), you can get the Canon Rebel T2i ($875) for about $125 less than a Canon EOS 50D ($999). 438 more words

Canon Rebel T2i Holds Off Onslaught Of Expert Criticism

It is a great time to be in the market for a new digital SLR. There are many great cameras to choose from. In the midst of all the competition and claims from others, the Canon Rebel T2i has been a solid performer and continues to satisfy its users.I have personally been involved in camera research and evaluation for a few years now, and it is interesting to compare the expert opinions with those who actually use the products. 340 more words

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