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Sheltered Bay

This is another from Thailand that I took while out near Bali Hai Pier. I always like to get out there at least once a trip so I took a ride that way and stopped and used my Canon S100 to snap a bunch of images. 445 more words


Sense Of Scale

This is one from Thailand! I actually didn’t shoot that much there because I was enjoying myself too much with friends. If you have non-photographer friends it makes it difficult to leave them to go and shoot. 144 more words


Summer Blossoms

Not feeling in the mood to edit a landscape I went ahead and fell back to something I can edit in my sleep and without a lot of thought – flowers. 187 more words


New Kid On The Block

If you’ve been stopping by this joint for any appreciable length of time, you know I don’t quickly or easily buy new gear.

In fact, it’s a fairly hard-thought out, hand-wringing, days of mental lob-and-volley until I decide one way or the other. 545 more words

JerseyStyle Photography

Two From the Dome

This is Baltimore City Hall building which I just like for some reason. When I was in Baltimore last month I took a couple snaps of it just because I find it interesting. 77 more words


Form From Shadows

I’m about to get a bit abstract with these images. They all have shadows in them and I tried to include the original shape as much as possible to give a sense where the shadow was being cast from. 104 more words