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Some Fridge Stills


After Effects must have keyframes selected from one layer in order to export them as text.

Production stills edited in Adobe Photoshop. Shot on a Canon T3I.

After Effects

Stop Motion Fridge Life

Stop Motion Fridge Life


Shot on a Canon T3i DSLR camera and edited in Adobe After Effects using the align clip feature.

After Effects

My First Blog!

Hello everyone new and fresh. This is going to be my first blog. I always wanted to do something like this but I never had the time to do it or to even had the motivation to. 184 more words


Photos of Urvee

Since I’ve gotten settled in I managed to finally get out and take a few photos of my lovely new friend Urvee. We want to a park in the city with a pond and even managed to find some cute ducks to snap some pictures of. 76 more words

Lego night 2!

Again I’ve failed to post on time, but I’ve got a couple weeks worth of posts ready to go. This week, I went to another lego adult night at my local library! 77 more words