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Take a step and start doing something you love

“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.”


Early Christmas!

I am a naturally happy person. Things are not what make me happy, too many things clutter my simple life. I don’t need people around to be happy either, but I love my family and friends and I feel much more than happiness being around them, I’m joyful.  266 more words


Does White Balance Make a Difference? (...thousands of dollars worth)

Does white balance make a difference in the way my camera captures an image? This image is the perfect example of how “not so good” a mobile phone camera is. 389 more words

Chamundi Hills: Overview of Mysore City

Took this shot while returning from Chamundi Hills , Mysore . We had to cover some shots   for our final exams practicals.


Ants in Bali

I’ve been finding it difficult to find things to photograph, living at the hotel has its disadvantages. The problem is that they fumigate for mosquitos which obviously kills most bugs. 132 more words


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By MarkEvers

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