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285G, Lecture 19: The structure of Ricci flow at the singular time, surgery, and the Poincaré conjecture

In the previous lecture, we studied high curvature regions of Ricci flows on some time interval , and concluded that (as long as a mild topological condition was obeyed) they all had canonical neighbourhoods. 4,031 more words


285G, Lecture 18: The structure of high-curvature regions of Ricci flow

Having characterised the structure of -solutions, we now use them to describe the structure of high curvature regions of Ricci flow, as promised back in… 3,148 more words


285G, Lecture 12: High curvature regions of Ricci flow and κ-solutions

In previous lectures, we have established (modulo some technical details) two significant components of the proof of the Poincaré conjecture: finite time extinction of Ricci flow with surgery (Theorem 4 of… 3,351 more words