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FWTS 16.011.00 released

Ivan Hu of Canonical announced the 16.011.00 release of FWTS, the FirmWare Test Suite.

New Features include:
 * ACPICA: Update to version 20160930
 * uefibootpath: add test for eMMC device path… 45 more words

Note7 fiasco: Samsung likely to lose top position in premium handsets in India

Country’s biggest smartphone firm, Straight talk samsung, may well get rid of considerable share of the market over the following month or two because of the continuous fiasco around its most up-to-date primary gadget Galaxy Note7. 478 more words

The Most Important HTML Tag : rel=canonical

People tend to be on one of two sides when it comes to the rel=canonical tag. Either they don’t know what it is, or they keep on bringing it up. 364 more words


FWTS 16.09.00 released

Alex Hung of Canonical announced the latest release of FWTS, the FirmWare Test Suite, on the fwts-announce  and other lists.

New Features include:
  * lib: acpi: add supports for WPBT… 98 more words

#Juju in a few steps

I’m giving a try to juju now using xenial version (beta version). I have to say I was nicely impressed. They are actually working with containers (canonical lxd) and you can develop your charms really fast. 750 more words


Google Support Rel Canonical For PDFs

The other week we reported that Google doesn’t support real canonical for image search. But Google’s John Mueller clarified this morning that they do support it for PDFs in web search. 116 more words

FWTS v16.08.01 released

Alex Hung of Canonical announced v16.08.01 of FWTS, the FirmWare Test Suite.

There are a few new ACPI tests in this release:

  * acpi: nfit: add ACPI NFIT test… 64 more words