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Jordan Canonical Form:Theory And Practice DjVu

By Steven Weintraub, Steven Krantz. Jordan Canonical shape (JCF) is likely one of the most crucial, and precious, ideas in linear algebra. The JCF of a linear LB1OIQURNGVS ~ Book Jordan Canonical Form: Theory and Practice You May Also Like Scala in Depth Access the hyperlink below to download and read “Scala in Book summary: Jordan Canonical Form (JCF) is one of the most important, and useful, concepts in linear algebra. 145 more words

Join forces, god dammit

Distant reading at first seemed far-fetched and unreliable to not only me, but to the entire class. We were not convinced that using distant reading to analyze literature was the right direction, especially because the articles placed such a strong emphasis on the unreliability of close reading, something we all were a little shaken up about. 691 more words

Carlos Francisco

Carlos “Botong” Francisco, the poet of Angono, single-handedly revived the forgotten art of mural and remained its most distinguished practitioner for nearly three decades. In panels such as those that grace the City Hall of Manila, Francisco turned fragments of the historic past into vivid records of the legendary courage of the ancestors of his race. 100 more words

Nick Joaquin

Nick Joaquin, is regarded by many as the most distinguished Filipino writer in English writing so variedly and so well about so many aspects of the Filipino. 605 more words

Francisco Balagtas

Francisco Balagtas, later Francisco Baltazar or nickname Kikong Balagtas or Kiko, was born on April 2, 1788 in the barrio Panginay in the town of Bigaa, now known as Balagtas in his honor, in the province of Bulacan. 721 more words

Virgilio Almario

Virgilio S. Almario, also known as Rio Alma, is a poet, literary historian and critic, who has revived and reinvented traditional Filipino poetic forms, even as he championed modernist poetics. 812 more words

Canonical Authors: Gonzalez

Nestor Vicente Madali Gonzalez, better known as N.V.M. Gonzalez, fictionist, essayist, poet, and teacher, articulated the Filipino spirit in rural, urban landscapes. Among the many recognitions, he won the First Commonwealth Literary Contest in 1940, received the Republic Cultural Heritage Award in 1960 and the Gawad CCP Para sa Sining in 1990. 3,661 more words