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Ivan Hu of Canonical has two related projects on Github, UEFIOP and EFI_runtime, the former app depends on the latter Linux kernel driver:

The uefiop is an application that allows users to manipulate UEFI runtime interfaces provided by Bios at runtime. 57 more words

FWTS 16.05.01 released

Alex Hung of Canonical has announced the 16.05.01 release of FWTS, the FirmWare Test Suite.

There are new ACPI and IPMI and TCG OVAL and Linux device-tree tests. 136 more words

Ubuntu 16.04 -- Xenial Ubuntu Meets Xerus

Ubuntu releases are made semiannually by Canonical Ltd and the developers of the Ubuntu operating system, using the year and month of the release as a version numbe… 421 more words


Magic happens with the Ubuntu tablet - TechRepublic

Jack Wallen reviews the bq Aquaris M10 tablet and he’s impressed. If you’ve been on the fence about Ubuntu Touch, this might just assuage those unpleasant feelings. 79 more words


Ubuntu comes to the Windows desktop -- OpenStack summit

Recently an announcement was made that took a lot of people by surprise.  Canonical and Microsoft announced that Ubuntu was now able to run on the Windows desktop. 155 more words

Where LXD fits within the virtualization and container landscape -- OpenStack Summit

Yesterday here at the OpenStack summit here in Austin I caught a few of the sessions in the track that Canonical was hosting. ¬†One of the sessions dealt with Canonical’s LXD and where it fits into the whole virtualization/container space. 107 more words