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Now that Canonical Ltd sold its soul

Ubuntu Wants To Collect Data About Your System-Starting From 18.04 LTS.

I put less blame on Microsoft’s influence, and more on the fact that it is now a publicly traded company, there’s little or no reason to believe they’ll back out of it now now that it is investors and future buyer that they answer to. 133 more words

Jack the Ripper: Lurker of the Streets of London

Murder is no unfamiliar aspect to our everyday lives. Murders have been occurring in every state, country, and continent for centuries on end, yet there is one murderer whose name is known by many: Jack the Ripper. 299 more words

The eli4d Gazette - Issue 044

Tech Pick

I listened to an excellent Changelog (podcast) episode about the Blockchain and Gitcoin. While Bitcoin and various cryptocurrencies are all the rage now, this episode focuses on the long-term value of… 173 more words

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Ubuntu 17.10 Update

The amended release of those ISO images had the promise not to brick those laptop computers and it was released this year. It appears that certain brands of laptops like Acer, Dell, etc. 518 more words


Ubuntu 17.10 Review

The distro is back to GNOME, and Canonical recently released Ubuntu 17.10 for PC’s.It is a major update with significant changes.

In light of the GNOME switch, this release seems like more of a homecoming than an entirely new voyage. 379 more words