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Canopy: 2.2 hours

Sanded canopy flange overlap. Applied micro to corners.


Canopy frame: 5.1 hours

Drilled striker anchor block for closed and taxi positions.

Installed remaining latch rod. Took a while to get the latching mechanism running smoothly especially the taxi latch rod. 25 more words


Canopy bonding: 2.0 hours

Positioned canopy over frame then applied Hysol to flange.

Finally bonded canopy to frame. Building the canopy is probably the hardest part so far. Still have a ways to go but I think it’s down hill from here, I hope!


Isuzu Obsidian Grey

The latest Isuzu Obsidian Grey fitted with our SJS Solid Sided canopy – Remote central locking.

Painting: 4.0 hours

Sanded and primed seat back support then painted. Finished touch up painting canopy aft bulkhead and canopy rails. Added micro and epoxy skim coat to instrument sub panel.


Canopy frame painting: 2.5 hours

Sanded and painted aft side of aft canopy bulkhead. Installed seat back suport to center section bulkhead.

Found another area that needs to be smooted and repainted hole his is the last round!


Canopies Unmasked

And a lovely lot they are.

everyone has sprayed beautifully and the transparencies are crystal clear with no overspray.

Model Making