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More Canopy Stuff

Time: 1.0 hrs

I drilled a few extra rivet holes for areas along the canopy join that looked to need it. Peter C. had emailed me and gave me a few photos of what he did and it looked great, but I wondering if I need to do the same. 547 more words


Canopy Install (part 3)

Time: 2 hours

Today I just did some cleaning and prepping to do the install of the canopy (hopefully on Friday). I also decided to use some sika to stick the backing plates on the inside of the canopy so that I don’t have to worry about lining things up while I have the sika sealer oozing from the seams and having to rivet and clean that while installing the canopy. 365 more words


Canopy Install (part 2)

Time: 3.5 hrs

Things done today:

  • Masked off canopy to protect from sika sealer
  • Made reinforcing backing plates for rear rivet lines on canopy
  • Cut side reinforcing plates…
  • 434 more words

Canopy Install (Part 1)

Time: 3.5 hrs

This morning I was able to sand the spots I had filled and sprayed it with some primer. This evening I drilled out all the holes for mounting the canopy. 304 more words


Was Going To Advertise

I was just about to put an ad on the local community social page for the pickup canopy that we removed and no longer needed when we had someone come forward who could use it. 153 more words

Beyond The Farm

Accidental Celebrity Meetings

Today, I met Dayna Steele and Lanny Griffith. And it almost didn’t happen.

For those of you were too young or have been living under a rock for the last few decades (I still can’t believe there is an entire generation that doesn’t get Seinfeld references), you may not remember that before it was a Spanish pop format, 101 KLOL was… 445 more words



The canopy stretches,
tight and perfect,
all to protect

What boredom
could be so profound:

to defile a protector,
to choke her with filth? 13 more words