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Why Be Egalitarian?

I can hear the questions already:
Why am I an egalitarian, instead of a feminist? Or instead of an MRA? How can I say I support women’s rights while simultaneously refusing to call myself a feminist, and how can I be unashamedly pro-male without being a men’s rights activist? 474 more words

hear ye, hear ye!

Oh, parenting.  It’s rough all right.  But you know what makes it it harder?  Unnecessary judgement by others.  Especially by others who aren’t involved but decide they must take part in what others are doing, even though it doesn’t concern them whatsoever.  1,122 more words

Thalassa's Etiquette Guidelines for Interfaith Discussions (Version 2.0)

I’ve updated this a bit since I wrote and posted it the first time in 2011.  Here’s the updated version…

1.) If someone asks about your religious beliefs, share (respectfully and with compassion). 685 more words


Valentine's Day Pressure is Bullshit

I am usually a big fan of Valentine’s Day. Although I’m always single on the day, I usually find a way to make it fun–celebrate my other single friends by going out to dinner and a movie, give them little gifts. 513 more words


Lesson 1193 - Can't we?

Can’t we all just get along?



Wendy Thomas writes about the lessons learned while raising children and chickens in New Hampshire. Contact her at… 67 more words

Backyard Chickens

Watch "Vlog,January 16th, Je Suis Charlie / fuck #Pegida" on YouTube

Where in I try to make sense of the biggest issues facing where I live right now. I need to practice being a little more articulate, but the spirit is there.


All Of This

“Can’t we all just get along? No, because life would be even more absurd if we were ok with all of this”

~Since The Promise