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Police Protection Gone Awry

Female Police Officer Caught On Dash Cam Lying As She Harasses & Arrests Elderly Black Man For Carrying A Golf Club He’s Had For 20 Years!

Pop Culture

The Last Time I Took a Blind Swing at a Piñata...

It was with a cricket bat…

…to the cheers of Netherlanders, Indians, South Koreans, and Menonites…

…and the adults had just as much fun as the kids. 123 more words

Same Sex Marriage Is Causing Christian Persecution In America

I’ve stayed quiet on this subject as long as I can. I keep seeing where people and businesses are getting into trouble for refusing to take part in any way in gay marriages because of their religious beliefs. 704 more words


FCC Proposes Rules To Reduce TV Blackouts, Potentially (But Probably Not) Lower Prices

The FCC has proposed a kind of arcane-sounding rule change that on the surface might not seem to affect consumers very much. But if all goes well, the rule will prove to be the kind of upstream change that prevents all the you-know-what from flowing on downhill to everyone else, and makes one of the most annoying things about cable TV into ancient history. 605 more words