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“Where the #!@&% is that #!@&%# bulldozer?!?”

The hard part about produce salvage after a truck spill on the freeway isn’t the sorting and moving of the material. Not if you have the manpower. 376 more words


Cantaloupe Preservation - Dehydration

The cantaloupes in my garden are all coming in all at once … as those tasty orbs so often do.  So the questions becomes, what do I do with them?  452 more words


Rocky Ford Cantaloupes Hitting The Market Late Because Of Hail, Flooding

ROCKY FORD, Colo. (CBS4)Rocky Ford cantaloupes are finally hitting the market after this year’s wet weather slowed down the harvest.

Spring hail and flooding forced growers to replant the crop three times. 30 more words


Thump Sniff Touch

Simple techniques for selecting ripe melons; cantaloupes, honeydews and watermelons.


With cantaloupes there are five key indicators of ripeness and maturity: the stem end; the netting; the color; the touch; and the smell. 616 more words


Potato Of The Day Episode 54

If you really start to look at them, you’ll find that cantaloupes are wonderfully unique creatures. There’s their twine-like, hardened skin, tough and uninviting. There’s their brilliant pumpkin insides, a pulsating orange mess of seeds and pulp, a dangling silly string ball of intestines. 343 more words

Potato Of The Day