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Regular readers of my blog may have noticed that I have been quiet lately. This reticence is partly because my bloggable life has not been that eventful. 273 more words

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Review: The Canterbury Tales

The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Book Review

It was 1996 and my freshmen year at college. I had already declared English as my major and needed to choose between Chaucer and Shakespeare as the primary “classic” author to take a course on. 373 more words

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Ooh medieval reference: Thomas à Becket at the Senate Hearing

During James Comey’s Testimony to the Senate Intelligence Committee today, Senator Angus King asked Comey if he took the language the President used in the Oval office urging him to hold back or stop investigating Michael Flynn to be a directive. 361 more words


A novel-in-stories

Three weeks till launch of my second novel ‘The Crystal Ballroom’, a novel-in-stories.

So what is a novel-in-stories? One famous example  is Elizabeth Strout’s Pullitzer Prize-winning ‘Olive Kitteridge’. 371 more words


An Appearance by Death… Maybe

Is the old man in the Pardoner’s Tale “Death” personified? The Pardoner’s tale is from the Canterbury Tales. In the Pardoner’s Tale, three idiots swear an oath to kill Death. 422 more words

English 10

Summer Reading: Medieval Edition

Is the novel too newfangled for you? Does the idea of human hair in mourning jewelry make your skin crawl? Are you just worn out by all that angst we still live with about industrialization, rapidly increasing technology, and the relationship between science and religion? 623 more words