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Only 51 Years To Go!

Word nerd alert: yesterday it dawned on me that I’ll probably still be alive in 2066, when the world will mark the 1000th anniversary of the Norman invasion of England, which began the transition from Old English to Middle English. 52 more words

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The Biggest Ben I've Ever Seen

I feel like I keep saying I met the nicest people in “insert place here” but London defiantly had the nicest people. I’m still shocked by how nice and friendly everyone was. 956 more words


Who will the Wife of Bath end up with?

In our last class we concluded that the Wife of Bath’s (Alice) motives for this pilgrimage are to find another lover and potential sixth husband. Therefore, it’s only logical that I devote this blog post to three hypotheses as to who I think Alice might end up with. 361 more words

Wife Of Bath

Bombshell like Marilyn? A reader's response to the Wife of Bath

The Wife of Bath is one of the most interesting characters who we have read about. She is very different than the rest of the women we have seen because she actually holds power, and she holds it with her sexuality. 510 more words


A Reader’s Response to The Canterbury Tales: What is Love?

Based on the tales we have read so far in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, love seems to be a very prominent motif in both male and female stories. 510 more words

Wife Of Bath

Empowering or Demeaning?

Is the Wife of Bath empowering women or creating a demeaning image?

Over the years we have read countless books and analyzed innumerable characters, but Geoffery Chaucer’s unique character the Wife of Bath is most definitely one of the most intriguing individuals I have studied. 361 more words

Wife Of Bath