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I like the rain

Wow it just poored down here in canterbury. I love it when it rains the smell of the air and seeing people run arround like its the end of the world.


Road still closed

Yestrerday i posted about the road closed and about people still driving down the road not seeing closed sign. Well the same today, i saw 5 cars in a row drive down and they all had to reverse back up the road which to an onlooker was entertaining. 11 more words


"The Drop In"

It turns out that I’ve discovered a new way to make myself feel inadequate in about 45 minutes. I discovered the technique yesterday. Then today I tried it again to test my hypothesis. 706 more words


Behind the Scenes: The hidden mechanisms of design and architectural culture

10 & 11 June 2015

UCA Canterbury


This symposium questions conventional narratives of ‘greatness’, ‘genius’ and ‘the extra-ordinary’ in architecture and design by focusing on the commonplace and ordinary – the things behind the big names, well known faces and places of architectural and design history and practice. 323 more words


Scary toys

There is something creepy about clowns, i cant blame stephen kings IT because they were creepy before that. I think it must depend on the amount of facepaint, you get tribes in these out of reach places with painted faces but they dont look so creepy. 15 more words


Road closed

Why ohh why when there is a sign saying road closed do people still drive down the road expecting to still get through. Where i work in canterbury the past few days all i have seen are cars driving down then reversing or 3 point turns causing holdups. 15 more words


Dover kent

Another sunny day in dover and off to canterbury shop shortly so will blog a few things from there. Hope it stays nice all day.