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Old Mission Beach Athletic Club RFC Pacific Rugby Premiership 2015 Canterbury Home Shirt

We’ve been blown away by the gorgeous shirts Canterbury has produced for the Pacific Rugby Premiership this season, and while the US West Coast competition isn’t of the highest standard, the teams look as good as in any other league in the world. 475 more words



The murder of Thomas Becket over 840 years ago did not need the forensic enquiry team of CSI-Canterbury to find the killers, they were the henchmen of Henry the eighth. 110 more words


Chaucer and Canterbury's Royal Pilgrims

Unicorn bench end, Westwell church near Ashford, held by Canterbury

Even though the coming election continues to dominate national and local news, I thought I would look elsewhere for my short topic this week. 757 more words


St Augustine's Abbey

A few days away in Kent this Easter holidays gave us the chance to  visit to the wonderfully peaceful and historic St Augustine’s Abbey, Canterbury. 721 more words

The Paths Untaken: Making the Most of Where We Are…

We’re all guilty of it: never visiting that National Trust property that’s only half an hour away; never getting around to trying that lovely looking restaurant passed every day on the way home from work; never walking the promising public footpath that cuts back across the fields just before the motorway turn-off; never exploring the historic building that’s tucked away just off the high street… We all have a Must-Get-Around-to-Doing-That-Soon List somewhere on a back-burner in our minds – a list of all the things nearby that are worth investigating. 975 more words