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CANTO: Equilibrium, Possessed, Exumer, and More

If I don’t get in at least two Cantos per week, am I even responsible for Cantos at all? Yes. The answer is yes.


CANTO: Psycho Las Vegas, Cable, Saint Vitus, and More

So that Batushka news dropped yesterday, and I realize I’m not even sure which Batushka that was referring to… I basically just picture that Spiderman pointing meme when their name comes up now. 172 more words


CANTO: Cattle Decapitation, Weedeater, Batushka, and More

A little late today, but a lot of stuff happened that I felt like sharing. Aka easy content.

  • Batushka, who have been dealing with their share of drama in recent months, …
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CANTO: Killswitch Engage, Torche, Enthroned, Drowse, and More

I almost spelled that as “Catno”. Wouldn’t that have been fun.


CANTO: Godsmack, Excalibur, Dio, and GosT

How long has it been, a week? Well, that’s about how long it has been since I’ve been home. Deal with it.

  • Godsmack are officially back on the road, and have announced additional dates today as well.
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