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Redox Steeple

The new steeple on Gunnison Memorial Chapel is installed (remember when it arrived?) and beginning to react with the atmosphere around it. This chemistry, in which copper metal transfers electrons to non-metal atoms from the air to become an ion, is called “reduction-oxidation” chemistry—abbreviated “redox.” Seeing this reaction happen on such a large scale, and produce such an awesome array of colors, is a treat.



There has been a whole 7 day window since my visit of the above Italian and I am still in a carb and cheese induced coma. 361 more words


Winter Light Cones

Information cannot move through the universe (as far as we know) any faster than the speed of light. In the hyperbolically shaped world of spacetime, all factors that could influence my current state are in the “light cone” behind me, and all factors that I can influence in the future are in the “light cone” ahead of me. 15 more words


May 27, 1852

Stoneware or “earthen” jar 

1852 Thursday May 27th  We have cleaned the buttery

to day and we have had a hard job of it.

I have scalded my preserves have several  370 more words

19th Century

Lord Hylton: Autonomy the best solution to problems of Middle East

A member of the House of Lords, Lord Hylton, spoke at a press conference yesterday after a two-day visit to the Cizîr Canton of Rojava, where he held a series of meetings, saying the system of democratic autonomy is the most successful system to resolve the problems of the peoples of the Middle East. 393 more words

Reports From Other Media

Remembering the Battle of the Overpass

DEARBORN May 26, 2015– Today marks the 78th anniversary of a pivotal event in Michigan labor history: the Battle of the Overpass.

On May 26, 1937, UAW president Walter Reuther took a group of union organizers to the Ford Rouge Plant in Dearborn to flyer the afternoon shift change. 428 more words


Man walks into Canton police station, confesses he shot wife

CANTON, Ohio (AP) – Authorities in northeast Ohio say they found a woman in bed with a gunshot wound to the head after her husband walked into the Canton police department and confessed he had shot her. 103 more words