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Ser Chef's Lechon

Ser Chef’s Lechon started as a food truck business which is the latest trend in the food industry. The food truck is slated to become a hit partly due to the continuing trend of “busyness” among the country’s middle class, and partly due to its novelty. 234 more words


Dimsum - Touch the heart, really?!

Why do you call that noodles is Phở? Or why is it called French Fries, not Potato? (Believe me, my friend laughed at me when I asked for Potato at Mc Donald’s). 441 more words

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Food in my Hood

I recently found a new Taiwanese private tutor to encourage my neglected Mandarin Chinese studies. My tutor is a 24-year-old graduate student at Wenzao University… 234 more words


Congee King, Hong Kong....Yummy!!! One word sums it up.

Congee, also known as jook, is nothing more than Chinese hot cereal, a milky rice porridge. More than two dozen versions of MSG-free congee are served here in Congee King, some with additions as exotic as rabbit fish and boiled fish skin, each served steaming. 66 more words

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HK: The Chairman

The Chairman in HK is a one star Michelin restaurant famed for its Cantonese cuisine. Came highly recommended to us by a friend. Reserving seats can be quite hard if we don’t book in advance. 203 more words


Eat like a Hong-Konger in Newcastle

As being a typical Hong-Konger, “Yum Cha” is my must-do activity every weekend with my family. “Yum Cha” is a Cantonese Chinese term refers to drinking tea and eating dim sum in a Cantonese style restaurant in the morning or afternoon. 315 more words

Cantonese Cuisine

Tang Yuan Get-together

One key dish or more correctly dessert that is popular around the Chinese New Year time is tangyuan 湯圓. It literally means soup with (floating) balls. 156 more words

Cantonese Cuisine