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Eat like a Hong-Konger in Newcastle

As being a typical Hong-Konger, “Yum Cha” is my must-do activity every weekend with my family. “Yum Cha” is a Cantonese Chinese term refers to drinking tea and eating dim sum in a Cantonese style restaurant in the morning or afternoon. 315 more words

Cantonese Cuisine

Tang Yuan Get-together

One key dish or more correctly dessert that is popular around the Chinese New Year time is tangyuan 湯圓. It literally means soup with (floating) balls. 156 more words

Cantonese Cuisine

New Year's Day

It’s the year of the Goat and today is the first day of Chinese New Year. In the Cantonese tradition, the first meal today should be vegetarian. 144 more words


This February - Luxurious Cantonese Food in Saigon, Why Not?

To be honest, I didn’t expect so much as first when I was introduced about luxury Cantonese food since this is quite similar to me. I grow up with drinking tea, tasting dimsum and enjoying desserts like green bean bun, egg tarts, almond jelly soup…Yet it was the first time I witnessed a place where people set such a high level for Cantonese cuisine. 395 more words


Nostalgic Dim Sum

I just confirmed a dim sum lunch with an old friend today. Dim sum 點心 is little delicate bite-sized food usually serve in small steamer basket or small plate. 254 more words

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Fusion Birthday Cake

There is no birthday cake in the Chinese tradation. Instead we have birthday bun or more literally longevity bun 壽包. It is usually made with flour and filled with sweet lotus seed paste and a salted egg yolk. 110 more words

Cantonese Cuisine

Chinese preserved delicacies and candies

When I was young, I found traditional Chinese candies and preserved delicacies to be really passé. Maybe as I grow older, and many oldies started to get back into fashion, somehow I began to enjoy these traditional food again. 142 more words