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Day Nineteen (HK Adventures): another family dinner and moo cake

June 30th, 2015

I decided to add the date to the beginning of my posts from now on. Just for more clarity for my own sake. 205 more words

HK Adventures

Gold coin chicken

This is a chicken dish without actual chicken. It’s called gold coin chicken 金錢雞, made with three different ingredients: lean pork, fatty pork (soaked in sugar and wine for a week to make the fatty pork translucent) and pig liver, cut into thin slices and skewed together to roast. 100 more words

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Throwback Thursday - Marble Goby

What a strange & quiet day! The long anticipated typhoon Linfa came and left without any signs of a real typhoon. Yes, typhoon 8 was hoisted for just over 5 hours, but I could not heard any gust of wind nor any rainstorm. 117 more words

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Day Ten and Eleven (HK Adventures): father’s day and family (dinners)

June 21st was really wet, and the sun decided to hide behind the clouds. There was also a level one typhoon warning. It’s actually a welcoming break from all the scorching sunshine lately. 337 more words

HK Adventures

Eggplant summer appetizer

On hot summer days, I like to do simple (slightly spicy) vegetarian dishes. This is the eggplant dish today.

Cut the eggplant into thin strips before steaming, migrate with some sesame oil. 140 more words


Dumpling Deluxe

Thanks to my sister for the rice dumplings & abalone. It is a tradition to eat glutinous rice dumplings (either savoury stuffed or sweet with bean paste) on Dragon Boat Festival (Tuen Ng 端午節). 88 more words

Cantonese Cuisine

Delicate Dim Sum

Whenever friends are in town (Hong Kong), some would request to go for dim sum (Cantonese yum cha, aka tea drinking that also serves bite-size steamed or fried dumplings or portions of food).   173 more words

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