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A Cantonese Song that you MUST Know

海闊天空 by Beyond is a song which everyone – literally everyone – in Hong Kong and Guangzhou knows by heart.

Indeed, even people I know from other parts of China can sing the chorus, too. 51 more words


Boundless Ocean Vast Sky (海闊天空) - Beyond

my favorite Hong Kong song  (in Cantonese with Chinese subtitles)

song:  Boundless Ocean Vast Sky  (aka:  Under a Vast Sky )  (海闊天空)

signature song of  HK music legend,   61 more words


I Hope You are Pretty Well/别来无恙

I was just touched by a Cantonese song the other day when I saw Nicholas Tse on TV again. He was one of my idols when I was a teen. 172 more words


双星情歌 许冠杰之歌 - The Love Song of Two Stars (Two Stars Love Song)

I really like this song by Samuel Hui. It has such a beautiful melody and refined lyrics. The lyrics contains literary and poetic vocabulary and imagery that makes the song so special. 51 more words


纖纖的你 - Original Cantopop Song by Heitung

Type of Media: Music Video
Completed: February 2013
Music by Heitung
Lyrics by Marc Chik
Vocals & piano by Heitung
Recording, Mixing & Editing: Stephen Richards (longzijun):  95 more words

New Media Projects

Women Don't Cry (Cantonese version) - 女人不哭

my partial translation of the theme song of  Silent Tears  (Cantonese version) :

If tears had weight,  why would anyone go thru the pains learning to be strong?  89 more words


Love During The Earth Is Being Destroyed - collector version

my translation of the opening words :

There is one thing I will never want to forget.  That’s why I’m recording my own words.

“I don’t want to forget a person.  151 more words