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Bill Levy Santa Barbara-IGF Inks $175M deal with NY Bankers.

IGF Partners, Santa Barbara, CA, have reportedly negotiated a $175 million dollar loan package with the infamous New York Investment Bankers, Cantor Fitzgerald.  Even though neither party will confirm the deal, people close to the negotiations, tell us it’s as well as done. 184 more words

William Levy

Cantor Fitzgerald's Rob Chang Names Four Miners that Can Survive $1,050 Gold and $15 Silver

Source: Kevin Michael Grace of The Gold Report  (12/21/15)

The price of gold has see-sawed since the Federal Reserve raised interest rates on Dec. 16, and market experts debate if the action is good or bad for gold. 2,765 more words

Independent Analyis

November 17, 2015: 40 year old female central figure in Danish 9,1 billion DKK tax fraud case

She is 40 years old, has a degree from the University of Oxford, and upheld for twelve years a beautiful career at the investment bank Cantor Fitzgerald. 129 more words

Tip-toeing around carbon footprints

Beginning today and running for two weeks are the international climate change talks outside Paris.

More than 150 countries will be participating in the discussions with the most prominent talks centering on financing of newer technologies for developing countries. 219 more words


Wall Street's Apple super-bull is more bullish than ever

Brian White’s willingness to stick his neck out for Apple was one of the reasons he was a darling of the cable news networks. He set Cantor Fitzgerald’s price target at $195 six months ago and hung with it, even in August’s doldrums when the stock traded briefly below $95. 217 more words


Cantor Fitzgerald: A Lesson for Us All

If a company can have a soul, Cantor Fitzgerald surely does. Broken and lost under the weight of one of history’s darkest days, it has since been rebuilt and made better. 328 more words

Alfred Zaccagnino

On the 14th Anniversary...

I vividly remember  that day 14 years ago when everything seemed to shift into another realm.  I was about to head into work when my husband called me and said, “You are into disasters, so I thought you would like to know that a small plane crashed into the World Trade Center.”  I turned on the television to see both towers burning and realized that this was no small plane.  372 more words