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Rose Bud #2,miniature oil paintning

rose bud #2 miniature oil painting framed

Posted on 2/24/2017 by Barbara Haviland Texas Contemporary Artist2 Comments

© Barbara Haviland

This is my Rose Bud #2 and it is framed for you. 37 more words

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Draw a line from x,y with a given angle and length

Draw a line from x,y with a given angle and length. DEMO Fiddle

function drawLine(x1,y1,r,theta){
    ctx.clearRect(0, 0, c.width, c.height);    
    ctx.moveTo(x1, y1);
    ctx.lineTo(x1 + r * Math.cos(Math.PI * theta / 180.0), y1 + r * Math.sin(Math.PI * theta / 180.0));   

Good God II

Good God II is a mixed media – Acrylic on Canvas by the artist, Surj

Source: www.surjart.com

This is from my main site. Please enjoy!


Daisies, Barbara Haviland,oils on canvas,flowers,floral

daisies by barbara haviland–barbsgarden,flowers,canvas,oil painting

Posted on 2/23/2017 by Barbara Haviland Texas Contemporary ArtistComment on this

© Barbara Haviland

Daisies are done with oils and on a gallery wrap canvas. 30 more words

Giant Wall Doily

This was finished quite some time ago but I never got round to mounting it when i had completed it. Now that it has been mounted and hanging on my wall for some time, it is about time that I revealed the final product…. 84 more words