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Hello thats salt water its not good to drink . O there malt liqure but  got to bee in the mood.

Then there is port wine 19 proof. 52 more words


why do any thing

That picture is supposed to be time going down the drain.   yo thats right the  peeps

that want to have there wife make all the dinero and yo sit on yo ass  and watch tv. 104 more words


night life party

o yes, so exciting, first get a recharge device. Then watch for big wig and so called dean the brain. Since it will be 100 at night be prepaired . 29 more words


comments on fat ideas

if you dont like whats on here dont read it.  Any way there is this more or less a walrus, on first met.  Thats right from colorado.   151 more words


chances all right

trying to shovel your crap down my gizzard.  sure im glad i asked questions, o over 300. then dr said 240. o did not want to say at first. 27 more words


comments on colorado

u fat slob, trying to bs me all the fin time.  i got wise and found out 5.7 and 240 my god u

pig walrus. no human want to get  near u. 51 more words


naked kempwood fishing

Yes hello all u purist.  Gofer did not know at the ware house on clay road, they

have naked kempwood fishing supplies.  Thats the supplies include a 12 inch dildo. 83 more words