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Coming at me all Hard

From the title of this post you might be thinking that this post is about sex; well, you’d be wrong.  This post is about a giant rock that met with me at a speed and manner that I did not appreciate.   1,347 more words

Leap of 'fate' in the canyons of Alegria and Badian

By Gillian Gacuma | Photos by: Greisha Padilla and Agatha Ruadap

Cebu, Philippines– It has been told before that it takes one big leap forward to explore the wonders of life and takes guts to perform it. 811 more words


Intel’s quad-core “Skull Canyon” NUC is a workstation for the size-obsessed

(Source: arstechnica.com)

Andrew Cunningham

Intel’s quad-core “Skull Canyon” NUC.

  1. Andrew Cunningham

    Intel’s quad-core “Skull Canyon” NUC.

  2. Compared to the regular Skylake NUC, Skull Canyon is a little shorter and a lot longer.

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#175 Sunny Zion

When Zion wasn’t being grey and wet, it was being sunny and awesome. After walking for an hour in very heavy rain we were rewarded with this amazing view, looking south from the entrance to Zion Canyon. 8 more words


New on 500px : Antelope Canyon, Arizona by RamelliSerge by RamelliSerge

The antelope Canyon Close to page Arizona Beautiful red cave that many photographers have shot over the years and although it has been years that I’ve been there, I still remember how beautiful it was and I want to go back very fast! 6 more words

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