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Jump Creek Falls

Just outside of a small town called Marsing, Idaho is Jump Creek Canyon. Without GPS it would have been impossible to find as we maneuvered around private land. 370 more words

The Dry Canyon


Catherin, Devon and I

So after our trip through River Caves Mandy had to be back in town early but the rest of us decided to take the drive out to the dry canyon which is always a great one for showing newbies… 191 more words


The River Caves


Devon, Catherine, Mandy and I

So the enviros at work expressed and interest in visiting River Caves Canyon. So I teed up a little trip… 88 more words


Bobs Canyon, AKA Broadhead canyon


Tal and I

Bob told me about this one a while ago but I hadn’t managed to go for a look for it yet. 557 more words


The Yellowstone National Park

In 1872, the US Congress established The Yellowstone National Park and signed into law by the then President Ulysses S. Grant. It was the first National Park in the US and is also widely held to be the first in the entire world. 331 more words

Animal Habitats

Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon is one of the many such canyons in the Page, AZ area, but easily the most famous. These canyons were formed over time as fast-flowing rain water eroded the sandstone in the area, giving the inner walls of the canyon their characteristic ‘flow’. 581 more words