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Sand In My Teeth

My semi-conscious brain knew I was in the bottom of a mostly dry canyon in Southwest Colorado yet I woke up wondering if our tent had come unhitched from reality and was actually floating down the Niagara River with a tornado beating a path toward us. 413 more words


The FINAL Post of my Alphabetical Blog

My Alphabetical Blog has been 26 places in the USA that I have been that I found fascinating.  Places that begin with each of the letters in the alphabet.   357 more words

Alphabetical Blog

Morning In The Canyon


Early or late in the day is when I think the Grand Canyon looks the best. The strong cross lighting highlights the deep crevasses in the rock formations showing the textures and patterns of the strata.

In the best light…


On To Big Bend

Big Bend is a land of strong beauty, often savage and always imposing.

Lon Garrison

Big Bend is one of the more interesting but least visited national parks in the United States.   208 more words


Dawn At The Grand Canyon


The light comes in hard, the first thing in the morning at the Grand Canyon. When the sun gets above the horizon enough peer deeper into the recesses, it hits the canyon wall creating dark shadows on the formations behind. 19 more words


Thoughts of the Ancients

Thoughts of the Ancients, Written
At Mesa Verde

The day the ancients left was
By all accounts a sad, still,
Quiet day, full of reckoning. 206 more words


Across From Vishnu Temple

Early explorers in the Grand Canyon must have been hearty souls with a rounded education in foreign religion and mythology. In the center is Vishnu Temple, I believe to the left is Wotan’s Throne. 54 more words