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Graduation: Christina Cole

Congratulations to one of my good friends Christina for getting her Masters degree this year! 39 more words


Cap & Gown

A friendly note to all graduates…….

Graduation is a special time…you’ve worked hard….some for 5/6 years or more to gain your degree…your passport to a life filled with abundant wealth and a multitude of opportunities. 298 more words

Cap & Gown: On Graduation Day

My Facebook newsfeed has been flooded with celebratory pictures. Graduates faces beaming with joy at the completion of their academic achievements — of their long-sought-after accomplishments. 754 more words


Class of 2015: Having a Graduate Makes Parents Proud and Reflective.

As a mother, I know that I live on borrowed time with my children. Sure, they’ll always love me and I will always be their mother, but inevitably there will come a day when their lives will be their own. 884 more words


DIY- Monogrammed Mortarboard

Hey Cats!

It’s Wednesday! I hope y’all are having a wonderful week, and if not, Friday is in 48 hours, so keep thinking about that. Houston has decided to finally be sunny, which I have been loving after all of these scary floods. 635 more words


This Day In History... Sorta - Graduation

Somewhere along the way of preparing for this show, I became a real life version of Mia to my friends. IT seems like questions regarding the history of things get directed my way and unlike Mia, I don’t always have the answers. 590 more words