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Carbon market developments in 2017

Looking back at my 2017 post on developments in 2016, it becomes clear that the past twelve months have been more consolidation than progress in terms of carbon market development. 597 more words

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Carbon cap battle set for 2018 in Salem

The decade-long drive to use financial incentives to get businesses to curb carbon dioxide emissions has been revived for the 2018 legislative session, six months after stalling in a committee. 8 more words

Oregon Legislature

Q&A: How Oregon's Cap And Trade System Would Work

Oregon lawmakers are considering a major change in how the state will go about reducing its contributions to climate change.

Right now, there’s nothing to stop a lot of Oregon businesses from pumping carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. 44 more words

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Interest groups respond to 'cap and invest' bill

The first draft of a bill that would put a price on carbon emissions and invest in projects to reduce the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. 44 more words

Oregon Legislature

We don’t want California’s cap-and-trade law

A Nov. 27 guest viewpoint by the current and former mayors of Eugene promoted a bill in the state Legislature to expand California’s cap-and-trade law to Oregon. 41 more words

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Guest Opinion: Clean energy would strengthen Oregon rural communities

2017 was a year of compromise and disappointments in the battle for controlling climate change, both nationally and locally. Oregon’s temperature has been steadily climbing for years. 60 more words

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Oregon doesn't need California's "cap and trade" legislation to reduce carbon emissions

The food industry in the Pacific Northwest has a long history of finding ways to become more sustainable, and values continuous improvement and innovation in reducing our carbon footprint. 29 more words

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