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Capability architecture and microservices

The Elements of a Capability Model

The capability model could contain a lot of different elements but the basic ones are:

  • The Capability Areas which serve as a reflection of the functionality needed to run the business.
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Avenues Of Thought To Explore


Talent is persistence, really. its just sticking with it and not stopping.


Literature Circles - A Way to Love Reading

This PowerPoint is loaded with ideas that can come to life in the classroom and offer rich dialogue and questioning.


Being Human Resources

'Discovering Voice' Grade 7/8 from Ontario

This is professional learning booklet that shows how a Year 7/8 teacher explored student voice through an historical inquiry.

The videos that support the document have examples of student interviews and classroom learning. 51 more words

Being Human Resources

Recipe for Success

The word success often brings to mind the picture of someone who lives in a mansion in Dubai, owns properties in Manhattan NY, drives a Ferrari or Lamborghini and has loads of cash stashed in Swiss bank accounts. 541 more words

Its all in you

You have a choice to live your best life every day, no matter the circumstances.


Limitations – Getting Past Them; Part 2

In order to get ahead, we must first know what our limitations are, so we can be strategic in getting past them. Yet we are really poor at that, and it hurts us. 338 more words

Hard Work