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To be normal or not to be - That is the question

Is it okay to be normal? Don’t get me wrong, but I have a quaint feeling that we normal people are a minority. Almost everyday we read in the newspaper about 15 year olds clearing IIT or patenting their inventions. 461 more words

Captured Thoughts

What Britain Wants: Someone to Love

We’re coming up to a general election, and no matter what you think about the political parties trying to win your vote, it’s a time to take a step back and think about what we’re really trying to achieve as a society.

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I Am Free

There’s a song the Newsboys came out with years ago called, I Am Free. I used to stand on my pier in the early morning and scream this song st the top of my lungs. 342 more words

Quality Of Life

42 - How do you listen to the ‘voice of the customer’ in local government? It can be done.

Posted by Lancing Farrell                                                                                              740 words

This post follows an earlier post Customer, client, citizen, resident or ratepayer. Who are we dealing with? It takes the concept of value further by proposing some tools that can be used to understand what customers expect and whether those expectations have been met. 705 more words


You Have Within You......

  I am willing to see my true capabilities more clearly.  We have to learn to believe in ourselves.  If you feel you need help with confidence, identity and belief in your talents, please explore the help of Louise Hay.



Rest is something I’m being forced to concentrate on recently. It is a spiritual discipline, and I take it quite seriously. I also don’t feel guilty about my naps, because I “earned” them through exhaustion over many years . 843 more words

The Big White Elephant - new approach to Contract Management

“The Big White Elephant” – Contract Management

Yet another interesting exercise and probably the most realistic one till date. It is surprising to see a British Government being faced with so many issues during an audit on contract management as England has been considered one of the frontiers within Contract Management globally for some years now. 1,076 more words

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