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The greatest, little pleasures

Strange as it may sound as down as both of us often get, worrying about the future…. It is Aysha’s autism that brings us the greatest joy… 250 more words



We can do wonders, if we want to,
And we have the capability to save
10 lives in every minute we spend
Breathing, and I think that is… 235 more words


what is normal?

We all want what is normal: a home that shelters us from the elements, a partner who is strong when we are weak, a child who meets all their milestones and succeeds at all they do… 290 more words


Case study 1- The Battle for the Dashboard

1. How can inter- organizational systems help companies like General Motors better manage supplier and customer relationships, especially as the automobile industry is transformed?

The tech industry sees the automobile industry as a key target for bringing new technologies to consumers. 281 more words

77 - Operational excellence in local government. Does it matter?

Posted by Lancing Farrell                                                                        600 words

In a recent discussion with a colleague she mentioned that in her previous employment outside local government they had set organisational performance goals for leadership, finances, relationships, safety and operational excellence.   648 more words


A capabilities approach to housing and support

I’m speaking at the National Housing Federation conference this year (link below). Here’s my blog ahead of the event which you can also find here:  728 more words

Shared Lives


Autism doesn’t go away, it’s a lifelong condition that like some illnesses has good days and bad days

Part of Aysha’s cerebellum doesn’t work properly which means that her entire learning process is different from that of her neuro typical (non autistic) counterparts… 439 more words