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Conscious Parenting: Why I Give My Kids Chores

When do you begin assigning chores for your children?  A personal choice, and ultimately no wrong choice necessarily, can be made to give kids responsibility as early as one year of age. 1,058 more words

The Cloud: How sophisticated is your organisation?

What is the difference between those leading and those lagging behind? ‘Leaders pay more attention to the organizational capabilities that facilitate cloud adoption than to specific cloud technologies.’ 8 more words

Secure Your Containers with this One Weird Trick

Did you know there is an option to drop Linux capabilities in Docker? Using the docker run --cap-drop option, you can lock down root in a container so that it has limited access within the container. 2,122 more words


The Elusive Capability

Creativity is one of the capabilities all teachers want to foster in their students. We aim to develop problem solvers; design learning opportunities where knowledge and understanding can grow; for students to generate original ideas using what they have learnt and for them to develop the skills necessary to communicate their ideas or make them a reality. 886 more words

Digital impact on the Manufacturing Buying Process

The Digital impact on the Business to Business Buying Process

1. The Buying Process Is Growing More Complex
2. The Buying Process is More Competitive… 187 more words

Global EDM

“One thing that I am proud of: I am really capable of laughing at myself.”

~ Penelope Cruz,
Actress, Model, Philanthropist, Clothing Designer, Academy Award (2008),

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