The BBC Lives Again!

After the BBC went up in smoke a couple of weeks ago, I finally got hold of a couple of new keyboard keys, a set of three replacement capacitors and a game rom “Missile Control”. 60 more words


On Capacitors: Film

As stated before, we have made some mighty interesting discoveries about film capacitors. To begin, we’ll discuss capacitor values in the circuit.

Because a capacitor-resistor network, such as is commonly used in tube amplifiers, is a high-pass filter, it follows that there is a certain minimum capacitor value that can be used before the bass response “rolls off,” as is often stated. 427 more words


On Capacitors: Electrolytics

Electrolytic capacitors in series with the signal chain.

Electrolytic capacitors are rarely used directly in the signal chain (note the word directly, please — more on that in a little bit). 723 more words


How to Compare Capacitors

Capacitors are components that store electricity and release it on demand. Their primary role is to accept electrical current in a slow trickle, then release that accumulation in one

Repair.IT - Overheating Presario SR5120AN motherboard

Remember two and a half years ago, approximately, I repaired my Compaq Presario SR5120AN motherboard which had a number of failed capacitors?  Ok, it was some time ago, so here is the link. 556 more words


Electronics by Number

I’ve been trying to think of a good way to organize my 100+ resistors. After getting a cheap 1,000 piece ceramic capacitor kit, finding a better way to organize things became a priority. 90 more words

Nick Momrik

Suntan Award Anniversary Service Medals on 2016 Annual Meeting

Suntan Technology Company Limited
—-All Kinds of Capacitors

All staff of Suntan had a well 2016 Annual Meeting. It’s a wonderful party for all staff to have a rest together. 68 more words