"Back to the Future" ~ Nanotechnology offers new approach to increasing storage ability of Capacitors: Applications for Portable Electronics & EV's

For Back to the Future fans, this week marked a milestone that took three decades to reach.

Oct. 21, 2015, was the day that Doc Brown and Marty McFly landed in the future in their DeLorean, with time travel made possible by a “flux capacitor.” 521 more words


Day 34 - Capacitors and Charge

Engineering Physics – As a re-introduction to dc circuits, I had students play with capacitors for a bit using some of my CASTLE materials. The highlight, as I expected, was when we discussed the conclusions from the above activity. 129 more words

Engineering Physics

The STATIC in the Shock.

It was a few Weeks ago,

NOT entirely Sure why it was,

But for at least a Week I’d been Really Statically Charged!

I didn’t do Much of anything Different than before… 783 more words


Air Conditioning Failure - Check Your AC Capacitor

The Capacitor Start-up Booster, Common Cause For Air Conditioning Failure

Many causes for AC failure are simple to see and simple to repair. However, many heat and cooling repairs are safe and some are not too safe. 702 more words

Capacitors For Sale

Bad Caps in Everything

I just had a bit of a scare with my Audio Precision analyzer. The 2004-era Dell OptiPlex GX270 which drives the AP hardware decided it would refuse to power up – just flashing the “ON” light for a fraction of a second, then back off again. 158 more words


Capacitors are Simple, Right?

It is easy to dismiss passive components like resistors and capacitors as a boring subject. of KEMET Capacitors would disagree. He gave a talk about capacitor tech that is both approachable and in-depth… 224 more words


Capacitor types - Properties of different types of capacitor

Capacitor types – Properties of different types of capacitor

Find out all about the different properties of the various capacitor types: electrolytic; ceramic; tantalum; plastic film. 29 more words

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