Capacitors - Part 1

A capacitor is an electric device capable of storing energy in the form of electric charges (electric field).

In the most simple form, a capacitor is made of two conductive plates facing each other and an insulator in between, which is normally called a dielectric. 499 more words

Electronics Circuit

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What Kinds of Capacitors Are There?

Like everything else in the world, there’s more than one way to shear a sheep.. Or make a capacitor. We need something that stores a charge and quickly blasts it out. 398 more words

HVAC Explained


(Images are for reference only See Product Specifications)

Name: 450HFG1000MBN35X95

Manufacturer: Rubycon

Description: CAP ALUM 1000UF 20% 450V SNAP

Product Category: Aluminum Capacitors

PDF / Datasheet: … 89 more words

How Do Capacitors Fail?

Capacitors are solid state, right? They’re just, little tin cans that do stuff to electricity, they shouldn’t really fail. How does something fail when it doesn’t have any moving parts or experience any stress? 682 more words

HVAC Explained

Looking At The Future

No, not the future of the human race! Not even the future of the space exploration!

I’m just talking about my plans for future posts on this blog and on my… 452 more words


What Does a Capacitor Do?

We have capacitors in pretty much everything. They’re in your electronics to act as filtering mechanisms and they’re in your air conditioners and industrial equipment. What could be so versatile that it’s basically everywhere? 592 more words

HVAC Explained