Suntan Award Anniversary Service Medals on 2016 Annual Meeting

Suntan Technology Company Limited
—-All Kinds of Capacitors

All staff of Suntan had a well 2016 Annual Meeting. It’s a wonderful party for all staff to have a rest together. 68 more words


Capacitor potential difference convention in the algebra-based intro physics classroom

I have long felt kind of “eh” about teaching about capacitors. Okay, so they store charge, that’s great. But I’ve come to realize that they, like so many subtopics in intro physics (okay, really, all of them), offer students a chance to make sure they understand one or more core principles. 136 more words


What Should You Know Before Buying The Mechanical Float Switch

There are various types of mechanical float switches like mercury switches that a switched on when a liquid metal binds the circuit. Then there are simpler switches that are linked to the micro switch in order to activate the device. 760 more words


"Back to the Future" ~ Nanotechnology offers new approach to increasing storage ability of Capacitors: Applications for Portable Electronics & EV's

For Back to the Future fans, this week marked a milestone that took three decades to reach.

Oct. 21, 2015, was the day that Doc Brown and Marty McFly landed in the future in their DeLorean, with time travel made possible by a “flux capacitor.” 521 more words


Day 34 - Capacitors and Charge

Engineering Physics – As a re-introduction to dc circuits, I had students play with capacitors for a bit using some of my CASTLE materials. The highlight, as I expected, was when we discussed the conclusions from the above activity. 129 more words

Engineering Physics

The STATIC in the Shock.

It was a few Weeks ago,

NOT entirely Sure why it was,

But for at least a Week I’d been Really Statically Charged!

I didn’t do Much of anything Different than before… 783 more words