Capacitors in Series & Parallel Combination

It is very common experience for me that after finishing the chapter “Capacitors” from the text books, students become puzzled sometimes to realize the connection arrangement of capacitors in a complicated network. 71 more words

IIT JEE Study Materials

Sima ColorCorrector Pro-Series – Repair Log

I decided to pull out my old trusty Sima device to transfer an old home movie the other day. I wanted to make sure the thing actually worked but sadly the correction part of the unit does not work at all. 286 more words

Project files: Little helpers - Capacitor boards

Another post in my “little helpers” project series consists of a couple of capacitor boards for mounting input/output capacitors that will not otherwise fit on an amplifier board. 326 more words


Electronic Component Selection - Transistors Diodes Capacitors LEDs ICs Resistors - 100 Piece Minikit

Selection of Electronic Components including 555 Timer, 1N4148 Diodes, Transistors, LEDs, Electrolytic Polyester and Ceramic Capacitors. Also included are Ten Values of Carbon Film Resistors and a Resistor Colour Code Chart… 7 more words

Day Eight - "Capacitors in Series and Parallel"

Remember back when we first started our circuit adventure, I mentioned how I wasn’t fond of the fact that the kit actually starts out with some really complex circuits to hook you, before you know anything about how they actually work, and then it regresses to the basics? 1,058 more words

Replacing supercapacitor in Onkyo Integra T-4087 tuner

If you have an Onkyo Integra tuner that has memory problems, the culprit is most likely a supercapacitor that Onkyo used to provide power for preset memory when unit is unplugged. 131 more words


Caps, KERS, and Burning Boeings

Initial opinion was that the horrific fire in the Williams garage after the Formula 1 Spanish Grand Prix on 13 May 2012 originated in the KERS inside one of the race cars, as did a second (thankfully more minor) fire the following July. 609 more words