Bad Caps in Everything

I just had a bit of a scare with my Audio Precision analyzer. The 2004-era Dell OptiPlex GX270 which drives the AP hardware decided it would refuse to power up – just flashing the “ON” light for a fraction of a second, then back off again. 158 more words


Capacitors are Simple, Right?

It is easy to dismiss passive components like resistors and capacitors as a boring subject. of KEMET Capacitors would disagree. He gave a talk about capacitor tech that is both approachable and in-depth… 224 more words


Capacitor types - Properties of different types of capacitor

Capacitor types – Properties of different types of capacitor

Find out all about the different properties of the various capacitor types: electrolytic; ceramic; tantalum; plastic film. 29 more words

Amateur Radio

Repair.IT - Sedco 24V / 12V Power Supply

Just over a week ago, I was asked if I repair power supplies – I said sure, so this Sedco 24V / 12V Power Supply was carried out to my car and placed in my boot. 783 more words


Box ‘o Bangs, a 2,180J Capacitor Bank

What happens when you wire up 16 capacitors? Sixteen 2500V 40uF capacitors to be precise… calls it the Box ‘O Bangs. Theoretically it outputs 4000A at 2500V for a split second. 160 more words

Misc Hacks

Day 119 - Origin of Charges

Science 9 – Students used compasses and charging/discharging circuits to see where current flowed in a circuit.  This is a crucial lab to show that charges don’t originate in batteries.   65 more words

Science 8