Limitless capacity

“What are you like, Lord?” I asked him again, one night recently. I seem to ask that over and over. Who are you? What are you like? 726 more words


You can't give to others what you don't have - a thought for coaches

Meaning, if you want to do your best by your paddlers you need to teach from what you know.  And seek out the knowledge you don’t have. 6 more words


Forgiving others and ourselves

How are forgiveness and energy tied?

Forgiveness is tricky and probably one of the toughest virtues that most religions urge us to follow. Religion aside, forgiveness is essential to our mental and physical well-being. 864 more words


Income taxes, self government, staying alert in public....

An excerpt from Karl Lentz discussing income taxes, self government, staying alert in public, Red Cross scam

Credit: Craig Lynch


Reflections on friendships, expectations vs capacities

Maya Angelou once said, be a friend to get a friend. This week I have been reflecting on friendships. What type of friend I am, what type of friend I have been in the past and what type of friend I want to be in the future. 1,239 more words


Kayla Itsine’s program


If you are looking for a workout that works every area of your body, Kayla’s app has it for you. I have only been doing her program for three days, but already feel a difference in my body. 304 more words

Weight And Lifestyle

1253 Enpower the Mind

-Enpowering the mind
means enhance the
strengths & steadiness
of your mind.
Before Enpowering the
mind know the present
position,status of mind.
What type of thoughts, 103 more words