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5 of the World's Worst Cop Cars

My previous post, 8 of the World’s Sickest Police Cars, features some of the greatest police vehicles known to man. This post features the exact opposite. 316 more words


9 of the World's Sickest Police Cars [Updated]

So, in the event you are driving at an excessively high rate of speed, you might want to be on the look out for the boys in blue, one-time, the po-pos etc… Normally, a Crown Vic, Taurus, Charger or even a Caprice might not be able to keep up with a speeding vehicle (thus the use of radar), but this list might make you pull over and retire from a career of street racing or getaway driving. 42 more words


Forza Motorsport 6: Caparo T1

The Caparo T1 was one of the first cars I ever actually found out about, and properly, properly liked, when I was a young ‘un. It was first shown off in 2006 at the time when my love of cars really first started to bloom. 607 more words


WildcatKNH :: 2013 Caparo T1

Fm6 Original – Shared in FM6
FM6 file name> knh t1
FM6 file description> WildcatKNH :: 2013 Caparo T1 :: USAF

Forza Motorsports 6 Liveries