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Monster Hunter XX -Renkin Style

Capcom gave us a trailer of Monster Hunter XX but it’s about the new Renkin Style. Where is some details. If you don’t know what Monster Hunter is  I will tell you, Monster Hunter is a  fantasy-themed action role-playing that you play as a hunter to capture difference types of monsters just like Pokemon. 339 more words

Video Games

Not Quite Dead Yet - Playstation 2 - Resident Evil: Outbreak - 2003

Resident Evil: Outbreak
Playstation 2
Genre: Survival/Action Horror

There are a few horror series in the video game world that have stood the test of time, even though most have had fluctuation reviews and success. 1,518 more words

SNES Review - Mega Man 7

For my 31st birthday, I splurged and picked up this gem of a game. I first played Mega Man 7 when I was in grade 6 – my brother and I rented the game for a weekend and ended up beating it. 980 more words

Super Nintendo

Red Dress

Red Dress (2016) is a Resident Evil fan film directed by Davi Ribeiro for Universo NO LIFE. Starring Bianca Fernandes as “Ada Wong”.

Not rated. 42 more words

Short Films

Resident Evil: Ada Wong

Resident Evil: Ada Wong (2016) is a short fan film directed by W (ShiWei-W) for Rhythm Optical. The other credits are in Chinese.

Not rated. 42 more words

Short Films

Can't stop NuckleDu and Akuma Matata- Shoryucast 2

For the second episode of the Shoryucast, we discuss the insanity that was last weekend from Capcom Cup to Marvel vs Cacpcom Infinite, Akuma, and SFV season 2 changes and characters.   7 more words

Fighting Game General

Goof Troop

Goof Troop
Super Nintendo
Developed by Capcom
Released in 1993

While Kingdom Hearts and plenty of other Disney-games will get their time in the spotlight, I thought it was fitting for the holidays to look at a game that was about working together. 928 more words