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Top 10 Video Game Consoles: Part 2 - Nintendo GameCube (#2)

Back to the glorious 6th generation I go for my second favourite console of all time. This one is another perceived underdog that failed to achieve the commercial success it deserved. 1,622 more words


Weekly Games News Digest 24/09/2017

So much cool news this week aside from the earlier announcements from Sony’s TGS presser, but let’s start with the most fascinating and touching story: 1,908 more words

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Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite Review

Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite Review – Written by Jose Vega

Purchased product for the sake of review.

Marvel & Capcom… they are two different companies that have one thing in common: a franchise where many of their franchise’s best duke it out against each other. 1,229 more words


Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite Review: Stone Cold

Real Talk By: KJ

Reviewed on Xbox One

Available on PS4 & PC

Marvel vs Capcom was a series that felt like an event.  Cancel other plans, wrangle your friends.  1,172 more words


Monster Hunter Stories Review

Monster Hunter! One of Capcom’s most popular franchises these days. It’s a fan favorite with a die-hard core group of players. Many gamers who aren’t in this core group can find themselves overwhelmed by the vastness of Monster Hunter. 905 more words