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Could Onimusha be making a comeback?

Wow. Not sure how I missed this one until now. Capcom teasing an Onimusha revival?! I WOULD SO BE DOWN FOR THAT!!! The Brah loved the series on the PS2!! 174 more words


Resident Evil 7 DLC "Not A Hero" teases Chris Redfield

This is true, guys! I have proof of this matter from Twitter!

WARNING: If you have not seen the ending of Resident Evil 7 biohazard, there are spoilers if you keep going. 114 more words

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Dreamcast Review - Cannon Spike

The Dreamcast died an early death – there were so many great games that people never ended up playing! One such game is Canon Spike – a game that I picked up recently on eBay. 872 more words


Resident Evil is Scary as Hell

Originally posted on Jan. 31, 2017.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is scary. It’s scary in that it has jump scares, creepy maybe-dead wives, cardboard graphics and attaches itself to the ‘creepy hillbillies’ trope that’s been so overdone that a parody comic was made into a cult-classic movie. 437 more words

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[Resident Evil 7] Banned Footage DLC Is Now Available

Resident Evil 7’s Banned Footage DLC packs, which were previously PS4 exclusives, are now available on PC and Xbox One.

Volume 1 (priced at £7.99), includes a new story chapter, a wave-based survival mode and a rogue-like mode entitled “Ethan Must Die”. 70 more words


'Resident Evil 7' Will Reintroduce A Series Regular For Its 'Not A Hero' DLC

WARNING: This post will contain spoilers for Resident Evil 7 that may have already been shared with you via Capcom’s official Twitter feed. If you haven’t played the game, go do it now. 342 more words

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Resident Evil 7 Review

This game frankly scared the shit out of me. So as the return to its horror roots, Resident Evil 7 achieved that.

The game is for the most part a complete departure from everything that has come before. 336 more words

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