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Some more photographs to share the journey. I’m trying to capture as much as I can of life here and share the amazing fusion of cultures and lifestyles in Ghana. 126 more words


Colonial guilt trip

From the mid seventeenth century the Gold Coast of West Africa was rapidly transformed into the Slave Coast. The triangular transatlantic slave trade saw captured Africans transported to South and North America to produce commodities such as sugar and cotton for Europe, that in turn sent spirits, jewellery and guns back to Africa. 1,025 more words


April 24, 2015

On a different two-day jaunt, we went to Cape Coast and Elmina, which are destinations that most tourists in Ghana want to visit. I particularly wanted the guys to see one of the slave forts, just because. 932 more words


The Bald Volunteer

When I first met him it was after years of interaction online. This social media enthusiast had caught my attention for quite some time and his selfless enthusiasm to doing good for others is what drew me to him. 644 more words

Ghana Chronicles: Cape Coast Slave Castle

I woke up very early again before the sun came out. I immediately packed a weekend bag in anticipation of the trip to Cape Coast. However, the driver arrived way behind schedule. 295 more words

I Go. I See. I Do.

Cape Coast

Here are some photos from Cape Coast to entertain you until I can get another full post up! We visited the slave castles, swam in the ocean (the current is really strong), had a few lectures, and drank beers and relaxed at the beach.. 103 more words


Youth Learning Tour to Cape Coast

While the rest of the community was fast asleep at 2:30 in the morning, the Youth Learning Tour was just getting underway. The 58 Youth Education Program… 477 more words

Girls Empowerment