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One of my first duties in the return of MOSSOP to the old Rosebank (now DUMISANI) Circuit was to attend a Circuit staff MEETING… 614 more words

Cape Town

Traveling with Kids: An Update

After planning for and surviving 2 days of travel and about 24 hours of total plane time each direction on our most recent trip to South Africa… 789 more words

Les 6 choses à savoir sur la sécurité des plages dans la ville du Cap

Comme nous le savons tous, les grandes villes du monde ont faits des grands efforts dans la standardisation de leurs procédures de sécurité, afin de simplifier la tâche aux touristes. 514 more words


Breakfast in Cape Town

What would life be without food adventures?

Lenni and I love our weekend breakfasts in Cape Town. Our favourite spots (this list will change over time) are the following: 130 more words


On the other side of doing and achieving is giving, is sharing, is others. While there is much noise and opinion on how the world does not work, we can all do something good to those that enters our world #sundayreflection #sunday .



Learn With Me launches in 2017

Learn With Me is proud to announce that lessons for 2017 have begun! Enroll your child for lessons now to touch up on work from last year and stay on top of new content.

Cape Town

The #African individual 

Our connected world has been aware of itself for a long while now. With awareness and greed, comes exploitation. Western cultures have learned to exploit the natural resources (including human) that are gifted with this place and some could argue, have taken the various forms of mining to the extreme. 150 more words