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Worse Things Happen at Sea

This blog post is brought to you by the number 6, the letter F, the colour of fear and the state of mortality. This is my third try at writing it: I started involuntarily weeping on my first attempt. 2,445 more words


Blog 10

The Christmas season is upon us! Its December 4th which means we have 21 days until Christmas! Don’t worry, if you think we are deprived us Christmas, let your hearts be settled. 1,236 more words

Blog 9

Time is actually beginning to blow my mind. I was reminded today that its been 6 months since I graduated from high school. I couldn’t believe it. 1,221 more words

Cape Verde Islands

When we took first sight of the Cape Verde Islands, it was a thin line of sparsely grouped lights of the islands Sao Antao and Sao Vicente, half way through the night. 676 more words


Day 29: Cape Verde and Cachupa

Hello, Raffies!

If you think this is a quick dish, you are oh so wrong.
This dish takes hours in preparing. The shopping itself implies buying multiple ingredients that do not exactly match the idea of the food of islanders: different types of beans, corn, chorizo, salted pork, winter squash, onions and cabbage (and this is only for the simple version – you can add a lot more meats) For the complete variation, you can add black blood sausage, a pork’s foot and even more meat! 182 more words

World Food Challenge

My Guide to Boa Vista, Cape Verde

You might be wondering where Cape Verde, or Cabo Verde to the locals, actually is – I thought the same two years ago when I stumbled upon this hidden gem off the east coast of Africa. 523 more words